Is Legal Adoption forbidden (HARAM) in Islam? Dr Zakir Naik

In the lecture Women Rights in Islam – Modernising or Outdated, Dr Zakir Naik answered a question concerning adoption in Islam

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5 Responses to “Is Legal Adoption forbidden (HARAM) in Islam? Dr Zakir Naik”

  1. 786miah Says:

    Sallam Brother,
    I never knew that..thank you for discussing this topic.

  2. hmohdkhan Says:

    Walikumus salam

    JazakALLAHu khair

  3. Onedivineprinciple Says:

    If legal adoption isnt the way then fostering must be the best option, thousands of Muslim children in the UK for example need temporary or long-term care until they reach adulthood. Theres great reward in it.

    Thanks for the upload

  4. 72Yonatan Says:

    Interesting. I agree that the rights of the orphan should be protected, and that his identity should be maintained. Even if the family which cares for the child is emotionally closer to him than his real parents (who might be dead), he has a right to know who were his biological parents and he has the right to inherit their property.

    Very similar to Jewish practices regarding orphans. But why are there so many orphanages filled with Muslim children? Why don’t Muslim families take these kids?

  5. leilyhaddad Says:

    What about international adoption of a non-Muslim child?
    If his/her surname is kept plus given a Muslim name, would
    that be allowed? And would legal adoption without a name change
    be allowed?