Is It Possible That Dogs Really Do Have Cleaner Mouths Than Humans?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard someone say that dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans. Although much of this is based in urban legend, much like the stories that have gone around about venomous snakes lurking in fast food ball pits or that the charred remains of a scuba diver were found in a tree following a forest fire. However, there are some truths about dogs that may have been where the myth began. But if asked, would you rather kiss another human or a dog?

Have you ever been disgusted when someone’s dog licked them on the lips? Surely the dog’s saliva is filled with dangerous bacteria and diseases that could be passed to the humans he licks. You’re just disgusted because you can’t believe that a dog can have a cleaner mouth than a human. Humans clean our teeth on a daily basis and don’t eat all of the nasty stuff that dogs do, so how could they have a cleaner mouth?

The difference between the bacteria in dog mouths from that of humans is that it is specific to the canine species. When dog’s lick their owner’s mouths, the bacteria won’t be transferred. This means that you won’t suffer any health consequences if a dog licks you. You’ll still want to avoid contact if dog saliva isn’t your thing though.

People started believing the myth about dog’s mouth when they observed puppies licking their wounds. If you know how rough a dog’s tongue can be, you’ll understand how licking a wound will eliminate dead tissue and facilitate faster healing. People back then probably though that their saliva helped them get better faster.

This certainly doesn’t mean that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than ours, but getting licked won’t harm you. In fact, it’s more likely that you could be harmed by kissing another human being than it is a dog, if that’s what you want to do. Doc No.azlcssaeh-sdgfhkl

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