Importance of Asylum Solicitors

An asylum seeker is a person who has left their country and applies to the government of the other country for protection as a refugee. People who seek asylum are known as refuges if they prove that they had a fear staying in their country due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group and owing to that fear, are unwilling or unable to return due to a fear of persecution. The service of asylum solicitors becomes a necessity for asylum seekers in a new country.

Good advice of asylum solicitors, solicitors Dublin and Ireland and human rights solicitors are necessary because they may allow asylum seekers to use rules and rights in the best possible way. Asylum law is complicated and it is important for you to get a legal advice and someone to represent your case. You must find asylum solicitors as soon as possible because there are strict and short deadlines for providing the evidence needed to support your claim for asylum. You must retain the services of asylum solicitors and human rights solicitors to help you fill your asylum claim form if you are given one. Asylum solicitors will help you write formal statements for you and may provide you advice on strength of your case. If you appeal, your asylum solicitors should prepare your case and will represent you. Good solicitors Dublin and human rights solicitors have expertise in their fields and will let you know what you should expect will happen in your case. Asylum solicitors can get any information that you might need to explain your claim such as a medical report or a report about the circumstances in your own country.

After you file an asylum claim, you will have to go through a screening interview where you may have to give answers about your personal details and how you arrived in the country. An application registration card will be provided to you to prove your identity. Your asylum solicitors will make the whole process quick and hassle free because they can provide you with all the necessary guidance to complete all legal formalities. If your claim is refused, you should ask your asylum solicitors for advice about appealing against the decision as there are very strict time limits for appeals. While choosing asylum solicitors, solicitors Dublin and human rights Solicitors, you need to be very careful and must hire one who is known for his professionalism and proficiency.

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