Immigration Solicitors in Kent

Immigration Solicitors Kent offer immigration advice being given by trained and fully qualified immigration solicitors who will assist clients with their immigration problems. Many people, who choose a solicitor to represent them with their cases, will usually opt for more experienced solicitors.


Immigration solicitors Kent can specialize in a specific area of immigration law, such as human rights and asylum law, or they cover all aspects of immigration law. Examples of the areas covered are asylum applications, marriage applications, family reunion applications, student visas, indefinite leave to remain, family visitor applications, human rights applications, right of abode, EU nationals and their families, ancestry applications and the tier 1-4 applications. The types of visas are usually tailored to the client’s specific circumstances.


At times clients deal with complex issues with their immigration status which requires the immigration solicitor to make an appeal on compassionate grounds, especially where the client’s human rights are infringed. For example, asylum seekers would fear returning to their home country, due to the fear of being ill treated and tortured. In these cases the immigration solicitors Kent can assist the client with the appeal process, sending out letters to the home office, and representing the client.


With the fast advancement of technology, Immigration solicitors Kent can take enquiries made over the internet. Immigration websites now offer a page where clients fill in an enquiry form with a short description of their problem and within the hour they will get a response for a solicitor from a law firm. The client can then decide if they want to proceed with the matter. Once the fees and details of the enquiry have been discussed and agreed the solicitor will assist the client with the enquiry.   


All solicitors including Immigration solicitors Kent are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) The SRA is the regulatory body of the law society in England and Wales and they regulate solicitors and solicitor practices. The SRA sets out the Solicitors Code of Conduct for practicing solicitors. Examples include acting in the client’s best interest, acting with integrity, upholding the rule of law and the proper administration of justice, providing a good service to clients, etc. The SRA also deal with complaints and regulatory matters concerning the conduct and behavior of solicitors.


Immigration Solicitors need to be accredited by the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme who are performing publicly funded work in the Immigration Category. The Scheme was developed to assess that the candidate possesses both the knowledge of immigration and asylum law and procedure and the practical skills required to provide good quality legal services in this category of law. There are different levels and this specifies the type of legal aid work which the solicitor can carryout.

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