Howard’s Divorce Roast – Part 1 of 2

The crew roasts Howard on his divorce. BaBa Booey bombs big time in Part 1. Fred and Stuttering John save the bit in Part 2.

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25 Responses to “Howard’s Divorce Roast – Part 1 of 2”

  1. jaredjaredjared1 Says:

    Because you touch yourself at night.

  2. Alpinex105 Says:

    Um ok.

  3. OzzyFan87 Says:

    Because Howard started sitting in his basement all day and jerking off.

  4. Dash171 Says:

    KC: “Good Job Douche Bag!”

  5. joesock64 Says:

    hey now

  6. Theburn77 Says:

    baba booey really did bomb man

  7. Narwal88 Says:

    Jackie Martling’s delivery is terrible. He sounds like he’s clinically depressed.

  8. billemorrison Says:

    “c’mon, you know, if i wanna read the henny youngman jokebook, i could do it on my own.”

    booey’s teeth got in the way of his jokes

  9. tyrone37 Says:

    these jokes are so generic their funny. “want some more dick jokes” ahahha

  10. jacmeoffalah Says:

    kc is so dumn is funny!!!

  11. bigrpb Says:

    YOU are “dumn.” It is spelled DUMB you fucking idiot!

  12. TheFasteddie16 Says:

    wow i miss KC he rewled!!

  13. nualbert41 Says:

    jackie was horrible

  14. Andyyyk47 Says:

    lol why is fred so angry

  15. KingKarolus222 Says:

    my honest opinion…. I think everyone did great! I laughed pretty hard all the way through. I think there are a lot of parrots out there who just repeat whatever Howard says and say that Baba Booey bombed. He did awesome

  16. ctcurry Says:

    Fa-fa-flunky stinks

  17. PeterZeeke Says:

    was he shagging angie everheart?

  18. gsizzles Says:

    Pha Pha Phooey

  19. flyingtorpedo Says:

    this isnt a fuicking roast….howard wont let real people roast him because he is a pussy/

  20. flyingtorpedo Says:

    @Andyyyk47 freds always anrgy

  21. hernje Says:

    Jewboy is so weak- physically, emotionally and mentally. I, hereby, proclaim him , “King Of All Nerds”.

  22. ULTRADREW1 Says:

    I hereby name Hernje the biggest fucking douchebag ever to walk the face of the Earth. This Asshole has nothing better to do than try to piss off Howard fans on Youtube. Fucking loser.

  23. bong4200000 Says:

    @ULTRADREW1 agreed, whats funnier is he pisses off no one, just makes himself look like a completely unfunny retard every time he shares an opinion.

  24. Drungmus Says:

    F hernje

  25. crzyhomey Says:

    I thought Jackie was funny.