Howard Stern: Howard’s Divorce (1/3)

Part 1 of 3. Howard discusses his separation from his wife in the first show since it went public. The beginning of the end for Howie… Circa 1999.

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25 Responses to “Howard Stern: Howard’s Divorce (1/3)”

  1. jakethegent Says:

    @w1104717 I like the way Beth has helped Howard mature. He is a more open loving guy now(therapy), and that’s why he treats Beth the way he does on the show. I enjoy hearing that side of Stern because it’s not very often that we get to hear that side of him.

    It may not make for better radio, but Howard has changed in a good way.

  2. jakethegent Says:

    Damn, I see a lot of hateful “fans” all over the place. Always bitching and hating on everything Howard does…You all sound like a bunch of pathetic losers, Howard has changed and matured and the show has gone into a different direction these past 12 yrs.

    I guess their anger stems from jealousy and love…because you probably loved the old Stern and now you feel sooo disappointed that something you enjoyed soo much has changed in a way that you don’t accept, which has left you angry.

  3. BababooeyMike Says:

    @jakethegent you said it all!! Viva Howeird!!!

  4. 6672rock Says:

    Alison was the best thing to happen to Howard. I can’t believe he cast her aside for that horse-toothed jackass Beth.

  5. ladyoceanus Says:

    @6672rock Hell ya, but what else would you expect form an @ss-hole?

  6. ladyoceanus Says:

    @6672rock Hell ya, but what else would you expect form an @rs hole?

  7. ladyoceanus Says:

    but what else would you expect form an @rs hole?

  8. Sparisi1122 Says:

    God, no matter how dry Alison was, I’d fuck her before that horeface Beth

  9. RVM4652 Says:

    Howard must have backed up the brinks truck for her, because you haven’t heard a peep from her since the divorce. No interviews, no quotes, not a word. I would have loved to hear her side of everything, and there daughters feelings about Beth.

  10. wooooozee Says:

    love this guy’s comedy. funny but not snooty. in terms of his personal life…he seeems to be working at evolving. beth? something about her freaks me out a little. it’s like she’s studied what not to do as a trophy wife and follows it to the letter. interesting to think about for a minute but in the long run, have loved his work for a long time.

  11. StormSong8 Says:

    @RVM4652 I don’t think it much cash to quiet her. She hated being on the show, she hated the press, hated interviews… I don’t think that would change just cause she got divorced from him. Allison didn’t marry a star; she married a guy making 200 dollars a week who suddenly morphed into this public monstrosity. She just wanted to be done with him so she could find a not-so-public husband.

  12. juvenal660 Says:

    Can an old school stern fan who feels howard has changed explain how? I am genuinely curious. Also how did this trigger the change?

  13. 916zombie1 Says:

    Who knows the air date of this show?

  14. brookemcin79 Says:

    @juvenal660 He doesn’t seem as angry now. He kisses celeb butt a lot more. Even finds a few nice things to say about Oprah. I think it’s the therapy more than anything. Still the best radio show.

  15. gopconservative78 Says:

    I guess hoo hoo told Fred

  16. rosal2006 Says:

    cheap bastard won’t even cut his hair……ugly is ugly but the 70’s are gone …. go get it cut you cheap bastard..

  17. 2780nfh Says:

    to 916zombie1. This was in the Fall of 1999. October or November.

  18. damascusblade Says:

    @brookemcin79 Hampton’s Howie certainly has been neutered by the lovely BethO. No doubt about that.

  19. SmiffWit Says:

    @rosal2006 Um… if you’re talkin’ about the pic it’s pretty much dead-smack 80s… since then he’s had everything cut from his hair to his chin and nose. Did Howard turn you down for the 711 money at some point cuz you seem to have a misguided beef…

  20. SmiffWit Says:

    @hernje 41 uses of the phrase “jewboy” and counting. You are well on your way to becoming the biggest self-hating closet Howard-fan on the internet, you goofy fuck.

  21. SmiffWit Says:

    @CQ1981331 He doesn’t want howard, he wants Jackie.

  22. SmiffWit Says:

    @hernje whoops, make that 43… you sir need to seek help. You want to ball Jackie so bad you can spell the letters J-O-K-E-L-A-N-D with your drool and fill in the dot-com with pathetic nazi-spooge.

  23. Rxycl3 Says:

    @bitcheznhos howard said that he began to seperate himself from his family. why would his wife have to put up with a husband who does that. it doesnt matter how much money he makes

  24. Rxycl3 Says:

    @deanpap how do u know if she was having an affair she never confirmed that allegation and neither has howard and just because enough people say it’s true it does not actually make it true

  25. bitcheznhos Says:

    @Rxycl3 Cause he provides her with her lifestyle by doing what he does. Yeah, she would not get some guy that works at the corner bodega with her thunder thighs and butter face.