How to set up wills or trusts while living in 2 different states?

My in-laws now live in Michigan 6 months of the year, and in Arizona the other 6 months. They have their wills/trusts or whatever already set up for their home in Michigan, but now want to set up something for their "vacation" home in Arizona. I would think they have to do that separately because laws would be specific to the state the property is located in.

They have 3 sons and want to have things in order. They know they will probably have to sit down with a lawyer, but does anyone have any input on this?

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One Response to “How to set up wills or trusts while living in 2 different states?”

  1. treys girl Says:

    they should contact a lawyer in both states bc they have different ways in all states it should be written by a lawyer but in some states the family can over ride the will or the states can take their assets if it is not put in a will or if they owe money, and who ever is named in a will for inheritance will be responsible for the bills and debts owed so just to be on the safe side contact a lawyer for both states