How to get a divorce without going through the court?

My husband and I have been together for 3 years, but have only been married for 7 months. We have come to the mutual decision to get a divorce. We have no money to split, and we have openly agreed to have joint custody of our son. We have no idea how to go about getting this taken care of, and we really don’t want to have to go to court to get it done. Is there any way that we can just go to fill out a simple form and get divorced without any kind of hassle with court?

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5 Responses to “How to get a divorce without going through the court?”

  1. Their mommy! Says:

    Actually there is.

    You can hire lawyers to draw up and handle all of the paperwork for you two. You and your husband sign it and give the lawyer any pertinent information (they will need at least income information for child support). Then the lawyers show up in court to represent each of you and if the judge approves all of the paperwork, everything will be signed by the court.

    Of course it’s MUCH cheaper if one of you petitions, both of you fill out the paperwork, the petitioner has the other party served and they sign and return the forms. I think that only requires one final court appearance.

  2. Angel69 Says:

    im sorry to tell you u will still have to go to a hearing for the divorce

  3. ouragon Says:

    No. Marriage is a civil contract. The only way to cancel it is through the court.

  4. Ryde-on Says:

    Legally married = law
    Law = court

  5. Hal Says:

    You’re divorced when the judge signs the papers. The judge won’t sign the papers until you go to court. It’s not possible to get divorced without going to court.