How To Choose A Solicitor In Leeds

Should you find yourself requiring the services of Leeds Solicitors, the chances are you’re already under considerable stress and don’t need the added pressure of struggling to choose a suitable solicitor for the job.  To help relieve some of strain from this process, there are a variety of features to look for in a Leeds solicitor, to help you find the right one for your needs.

Most importantly, look for an experienced solicitor, preferably one who specialises in the area of law relevant to your case; a criminal lawyer in cases of road traffic offenses, for example.  Due to the vast complexity of the law, it is wise not to trust a solicitor who claims to have a detailed understanding of more than one area; the best solicitors specialise in one area of law and will be proud to admit this.  Don’t be afraid to test your solicitor either; ask them technical questions and move on if you’re not entirely happy with their responses; if you’re not convinced by their answers, the court almost certainly won’t be.

Of course, there are dozens of experienced and highly specialised solicitors in Leeds, so you’ll need to look for more than just a proven track record to find the best solicitor for you.  One important area in which solicitors vary greatly, for example, is their skills of communication – both in the field of law and in customer service.  As fantastic as a solicitor may be in court, this will be of little use to you if they haven’t spent enough time listening to your case; look for a solicitor who stays in contact with you and makes themselves available when you need to talk.  Communication between yourself and your solicitor is vital if you are to be successful in court.

If possible, try to watch Leeds solicitors in action before approaching them to take on your case.  As perfect as many may seem behind a desk, the courtroom is a very different playing field and you need to know your solicitor has what it takes to perform.  One thing that will separate excellent solicitors from the rest will be a passion for what they do – something most likely to come across when they are in full flow in the courtroom.  Passionate and prepared solicitors will argue with direction and purpose, making the most of witness testimonies and wasting no time with questions that don’t lead the court towards a particular decision.  It is this impressive control of the courtroom you must look out for to find the best solicitors in Leeds – anything else will be a waste of your time and money.

On the subject of money, there are enough over-priced solicitors in Leeds that you should consider very carefully what you are paying for before you agree to anything.  Although less established solicitors may charge considerably less per hour than experienced solicitors, for example, they will likely take far longer to prepare your case and probably end up charging you more!  In fact, when it comes to simple cases of guilty pleas to local courts the best solicitors will charge a fixed price, rather than an hourly rate – they know how long it will take to prepare and deliver your case from years of experience in similar matters.

To conclude, there are a range of skills and qualities every suitable solicitor should have, the most important of which are outlined above.  An experienced and passionate solicitor is always the best option and, for simple cases, you should expect to be charged a fixed price rather than an hourly rate, if you are to get value for your money.  There are enough solicitors in Leeds that you can afford to be incredibly selective about whom you take your business to, so accept nothing short of excellence in both their area of law and customer service skills.

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