How do you get a divorce without your abusive husband agreeing to it?

Can you tell me the legal procedure to separate from your husband if he refuses to sign the divorce papers and refuses to cooperate with you? I am an Indian citizen. I do not want moralistic answers telling me to stay with my husband. I want specific advice on what kind of legal steps to take. Thank you.
I live in Maharashtra in India.

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5 Responses to “How do you get a divorce without your abusive husband agreeing to it?”

  1. Doc Phil Says:

    first are you in india or the states. i don’t know anything about india but in the states you should get a lawyer to handle it. you husband does not have to agree to it or even sign the papers. he just has to be notified. then you go to court and if he isn’t there you get every thing.

  2. John B. Says:

    Your first step should be to contact a lawyer specialized in divorces. He should take over from there if he does not want to sign the divorce papers. There is no other way besides going through a lawyer because he refuses to cooperate. Good luck

  3. C X Says:

    I wish I knew the answer for an Indian citizen but in USA you can put it in any newspaper and he would have 30 to 60 days to answer or contest the divorce and if he doesn’t then you will legally be divorced. Now, what you can do is LEAVE HIM NOW.
    You should call an attorney, go to the library and read upon some legal procedures but, be careful I’m not sure of how true this is but I hear that Indian men stick together and you have to be careful of whom you trust.GOOD LUCK

  4. GDSOUCY Says:

    If you are in the US ( not sure from your post)and you can show that he has been abusive, then he doesn’t have to agree. You can file for a divorce with or without his consent. Is there an underlying concern about you having to return to India?

  5. Lovergurl Says:

    Your lawyer should be telling you this if not get a second opinion from a different firm since your lawyer isn’t doing their work for you depending on where you are you might have to wait for the papers to be sign or take him to court if he doesn’t come to the court date your divorced no matter what …. well if the judge allows it talk to another lawyer