Guide To Choosing The Right Whiplash Injury Claim Solicitor

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If you have sustained a whiplash injury following a road traffic accident it is likely that you are feeling very anxious about the injuries you have sustained as well as being anxious and confused about how to go about obtaining compensation for your injuries. When you have dealt with your immediate need for treatment, your thoughts may turn to making a claim for compensation for your whiplash injury and contacting a solicitor to help you do this. With such a vast amount of law firms and claims companies advertising on television and on the internet, how to you even begin to go about choosing a solicitor that will pursue your claim for you? Does it matter which solicitor you choose and will your choice affect the outcome of your claim?

In the past – before the days of the internet, mobile phones, text and emails -it was common practice to instruct a solicitor in your local town or village to conduct any legal work on your behalf. Often, this would be ‘your’ solicitor who perhaps had dealt with other legal matters for you in the past, such a house move or writing a will. Some years ago, as discussed below, it was more common for solicitors to practice a wide range of law rather than specialising in one particular area. So is it still necessary to instruct a solicitor that is based in your local town or village and will this ensure a better service for you? This is down to your personal choice. It may be that you would prefer to instruct a solicitor whose office is just a short journey from your home, where the area is familiar to you and where you feel you would be able to visit the office in your lunch break. In reality, however, the locality of your solicitor’s office is not of great importance as far as pursuing your claim is concerned. The majority of work will be carried out over the telephone, by email and by post and it may not be necessary for you to visit your solicitors office often – or, more likely – at all. In addition, most solicitors will be willing to come and visit you in your home for an initial meeting, if necessary.

Again, it is less common these days for solicitors to offer a ‘general’ legal service – i.e. where one particular solicitor offers a range of services from will writing to family matters to personal injury claims. However, this can still happen in some smaller high street firms. The more likely scenario, however, is that a solicitor will specialise in one particular area of law – such as whiplash claims. The advantages of this are that they are likely to have a greater knowledge of this area of law than a solicitor who practises ‘generally’, they will have experienced a much wider range of issues concerning whiplash injury claims, they will be completely up to date with recent cases involving whiplash injuries, they will have built up relationships with medical professionals and they will be less likely to let any smaller parts of your claim go unnoticed. It may be that you choose to instruct a solicitor in your local town because you like the idea of them being close by geographically, or you may choose a specialist solicitor who is located further afield – again, this is down to personal choice.

Another important factor when choosing a solicitor for your whiplash claim is to ensure that you feel at ease with them and are able to ask for clarification on any points that you feel unsure about. A solicitor should carefully explain fees to you. Most solicitors will offer a ‘no win no fee agreement’ for whiplash injury claims, but where this is not the case, they should give you a carefully set out quote of how much the work is likely to cost. You are likely to be spending a lot time communicating with your solicitor – whether over the telephone or by email and post – and it is important that you are able to work with them and build up a good relationship.

Choosing the right solicitor for your whiplash injury claim really can make a difference between winning or losing your claim, and to the amount of compensation you may receive. It is important to do your research – or perhaps, act on a recommendation – and ensure that you feel entirely comfortable with the solicitor you choose to pursue your whiplash injury claim.

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