Give yourself a good start – get a spiritual divorce coach

Give yourself a good start – get a spiritual divorce coach

Divorce is one of the most feared events in a family life. Most people enter marriage never thinking divorce will happen to them. Yet in about 50% of cases the relationship ends in divorce. Is there a way to overcome the shock, the sadness, accept your divorce and create a new life for yourself? Absolutely! A spiritual divorce coach can guide you through the enormous personal transformation process divorce can trigger. Choosing to have a spiritual divorce, many people find their lives more satisfying, revitalized and happy than ever before.

Like moving into a new home, it brings many changes into your life. Let alone the emotional involvement, divorce affects your finances, family, career and even where you live. The amount of stress experienced in divorce can even make you more prone to health problems. Until people come to terms with the many effects of a divorce, they may be frustrated because of their incapacity to return to a normal life or to build a new flourishing one.

Many families that go through a divorce after several years of marriage also have children. Too often the children are the innocent ones who suffer the most after such a separation. For them, the disruption in the normal course of family life comes as a shock. Children become the object of discussions in a court of law; they will come to know separation from one of their parents and sometimes even from a sibling or other beloved extended family members, such as grandparents. It’s important that parents let the children know what’s happening in their life, without engaging in mud-slinging or blame.


Many who go through a divorce are not able to see all these aspects. This is why in the world of “life coaching,” a new branch has emerged that is spiritual divorce coaching. The concept of spiritual divorce emerged in Debbie Ford’s best-selling book (SHOULD IT BE NAMED BY TITLE??) dedicated to helping people heal their hearts after a relationship breaks down. Spiritual divorce is a choice every divorcee can make to turn the failure of a primary relationship into an empowering and enlightening experience.

Debbie’s seven spiritual laws of divorce can guide you in a step-by-step way. Using universal principles, such as responsibility, forgiveness and surrender, you can learn how to transform your pain into a springboard to reach new levels of love, acceptance and possibility. A spiritual divorce asks you to find ways that you can use your divorce experience to your benefit, which allows you to build a wonderful life after divorce for you and your children.

Other helping professionals, such as therapists, are important for those who are still quite traumatized and vulnerable from their divorce. The divorcee who is ready to step out of their pain and chart a course for their future could benefit from a spiritual divorce coach. Trained professionals, many spiritual divorce coaches have also gone through this spiritual transformation personally. Having experienced already what you are going through, he or she can best guide you and support you through your difficult moments. The spiritual divorce coach will take their clients through a structured curriculum, which includes action steps and homework between session to ensure the client can put the principles into action in their daily life. Spiritual divorce coaches typically conduct their sessions by phone, so geographical location is not a constraint.

The days of divorce being a shameful stigma are over. Divorce has the potential to be one of the greatest gifts of your life, if you’re willing to have a spiritual divorce. Choose a spiritual divorce coach to help you revolutionize your life and thrive. You will build more self-confidence than ever before. This will help you take care of yourself and create a wonderful life for your children. Carolyn B. Ellis, founder of Thrive After Divorce, Inc., is a Certified Master Integrative Coach and a certified spiritual divorce coach. Get your success strategies, free tips, bi-weekly ezine, and spiritual divorce information today.

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