Gill Adoption Trial Decision

The Florida Adoption Ban has been overturned! They ACLU of Florida represented the father, Martin Gill, in the four-day trial in Miami that overturned Florida’s 30-year-old discriminatory ban on adoption by gays and lesbians. Florida has the broadest anti-gay parenting law in the nation, banning all lesbians and gay men from adopting. This law flies in the face of the recommendations of all the children’s health and welfare organizations who recognized that gay people make equally good parents because it reduces the limited pool of potential parents willing to provide permanent homes to children in need. All potential adoptive families are already thoroughly screened before being allowed to adopt. This is a great day for justice and equality in Florida!

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4 Responses to “Gill Adoption Trial Decision”

  1. VT16 Says:

    Even though child pscyhology experts, social experts and researchers all testified that there was no reason gays could not adopt.

  2. VT16 Says:

    I find it disturbing how easily you welcome the idea of vigilantism towards a group of people who have been tested and declared fit for parenting by researchers and experts after decades of study.

  3. KYBluesKY Says:

    My respect and gratitude to Judge Lederman on this decision. There are far too many abandoned children just wasting away in Florida’s child welfare system. Best wishes to the Gill Family and to ALL those–gay or straight; foster or adoptive families; social workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers–who strive to make better lives for these kids.

  4. VT16 Says:

    Since it disappeared, here is the original post made by “allhomosshoulddie” that I responded to:

    “That is not the real question you need to ask yourself. Here is what you need to ask yourself: Are you prepared to fight in another civil war to back up the homos? Homos are pressing this shit way too far. At the very least homos will have to deal with serious vigilante type side affects.”