Gay Rights and Adoption TDW

THE DAILY WORD – Our site Gay couple in Florida conquers 33-year old gay adoption ban. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Please leave you comments or opinions about the topic in the comments section below. This is why we do this. Driven by our opinions and yours. LINKS and INFO Original Story ACLU Child Abuse and Neglect info PHOTO and SOUND INFO Picture of blue gavel. A blue gavel. Español: Martillo desafortunadamente azul, en color natural pinche aquí. Made by: glentamara public domain. Picture of Male interlocking symbols creator Dinic (wikimedia commons) Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Picture of blue florida map creator Patricknoddy Wikimedia commons public domain All sounds and music created by jabberbitt2 in whole or with the assistance of sounds obtained from

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