Gay Adoption Rights Skit

A skit me and my friends did for a English I debate project at TCC. Thien Nguyen: I play Mr. Chan and am also chief film editor. Vincent Bui: Directs and films the video. Joshua Johnson: Co-Director and plays Mr. Mckinzie (gay couple) Christopher Tran: Plays both Jamie McKinzie (gay couple) and straight dysfunctional husband. Thien-Thu Nguyen: Plays dysfunctional straight wife. Michael Nguyen: Plays abused orphan child.

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25 Responses to “Gay Adoption Rights Skit”

  1. CPSSucks Says:

    Rates of distress and depression are high in men who have sex with men, and
    were associated with lack of a domestic partner; not identifying as gay, queer, or homosexual;
    experiencing multiple episodes of anti-gay violence in the previous 5 years; and very high levels of
    community alienation (p. 278).”

  2. thanatos101b Says:

    I don’t give a hoot about your bogus and gross speculation.

    First off, you didn’t bother to cite your source, so you might as well have just made it up. Dr. Rekers is guilty of lying, misrepresenting and distorting social science to fit his ideological agenda.

    And your statistics are about: “lack of a domestic partner; not identifying as gay, queer, or homosexual; experiencing multiple episodes of anti-gay violence”

    none of which particularly describes gay parents.

  3. thanatos101b Says:

    And that police state you seem so frightened of? Yeah, that’s the one that says “gays can’t marry,” “gays can’t adopt,” “gays can’t have power of attorney and hospital visitation rights,” “gays can’t have inheritance rights,” “gays don’t have housing rights and workplace rights.”

    That’s a police state, and I sincerely hope your civil rights never get taken away like gay people’s.

  4. thanatos101b Says:

    OH MY GOD! I just did a google search on this, and it is taken word for word from NARTH! Dude, do you not realize that NARTH has zero credibility and a history of lying? That it had a slavery apologist on its board of directors, and used a Nazi apologist’s research? That the former president of it tried to get his patients to lie on a scientific study in order to skew its results?

    Dude, you quoted NARTH!

  5. tellit2yastr8 Says:

    bad idea, HELL is already crouded enough lol

  6. sweetgurl1002002 Says:

    great skit

  7. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Adam, I have two fathers. I don’t see how it’s any of your business what kind of families exist in the world. This is a free country. We have freedom of religion and the freedom to live the way we want. Children aren’t hurt by having gay parents. As long as the parents are loving and dedicated and provide a stable home, it should be no one else’s business if they’re gay or straight.

  8. IwantCo2 Says:

    the gay couple was so friggin’ hot i had a boner all the while they were on screen

  9. Wit Says:

    Chris and Josh may *not* be gay but they certainly looked nice holding hands together ;-P

  10. angelfaith203 Says:

    this was really good, man.
    i liked it.

  11. LuwBren Says:

    Great job! Love it. ^_^ The gay couple looked so cute.

  12. detectivestella101 Says:

    dats a great skit

  13. someguyyt Says:


  14. jaredmonroe Says:


  15. ZoMbIxOxO Says:

    i love what you did showing how disfunctional hetero couples can have children, while a stable and loving gay couple can’t. It’s not showing this is what all heterosexual relationships are like, merely putting emphasis on the stupidity of these laws and restrictions on gay couples.

  16. tbursee Says:

    you have the right to repent of being gay and lesbian. But you cannot reproduce so you recruit.

  17. QueerDerk Says:

    @CPSSucks oh how cool of you to make a comment showing how cool you are don’t you think you might sound a little homophobic?

  18. CPSSucks Says:

    I am not here to be “cool.” That’s one of the big problems these days – people are more concerned with what other people think than in doing what is right.

  19. narutshika Says:

    hey i think its really cool that you did this video even if it was for school:) oh and lol i sooo did not even think you had a real kid in the closet, when you pulled him out i was like holy crap! lol 🙂

  20. PUMBAA060910 Says:

    I am doing a project on homosexual adoption, and whether you were doing it for a project or if it wa a real event, ii totally support it.

  21. angerock49 Says:

    Good actors 🙂

  22. kourtoubi Says:

    Who is greater? Your Creator or what man who wrote on paper and made it a law? The first amendment will parish, so has the men who wrote it. Think with your mind- your soul lives forever. I swear by God that you will stand striped of all you hide from in the sight of God. There will be no excuses on that inevitable Day of Judgment. What will you say to your Creator why you do your perverted actions- what will you say? Will you say that you were protected by the first amendment of America?

  23. BabyGirlGoddess Says:

    the second asian guy is sooo cute.

  24. MagicalOillusions Says:

    omg lmfao seriously what is this world coming to!

  25. llluv2travel Says:

    Jamie seems was happier gay XD
    lol nice video and its educational to the ignorant
    I totally support about what this video was about ,while, I am not gay , I don’t think there is anything wrong with gay adoption because if you think about the irony of the situation, most homosexual were raised in straight homes. Politically there is really no bases for not allowing humans in same-sex relations adopted a child they would care for with all there hearts and even marriage .