Frequently Asked Questions About Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

Most claimants are aware why it is important to hire a solicitor to help them out with their claim but many claimants have other questions regarding road traffic accident solicitors that they do not know who to ask. The following paragraphs will answer some of your questions about road traffic accident solicitors such as what is the real meaning of no win no fee services.

What Does a Road Traffic Accident Solicitor do?
Road traffic accident solicitors can be classified as personal injury solicitors that specialize in road traffic claims. These legal professionals ensure that claimants get the required help while they file road traffic claims. Personal injury solicitors offer advice, guidance to claimants and they also represent claimants in court. In addition, these legal professionals strengthen the claimant’s case by accumulating proof to support the fact that the accident occurred due to the other driver’s fault. Some solicitors also deal with adjusters, negotiate with third parties like insurance companies and ensure that claimants get maximum compensation. These legal professionals also prevent claimants from making mistakes that can cause their road traffic claim to get rejected.

What Is the No Win No Fee Service?
The no win no fee service allows a claimant to get free legal help for his claims. Through this service the claimant is not liable to pay any legal fees to road traffic accident solicitors despite the status of the claim. Usually personal injury solicitors also offer the no obligatory service with the no win no fee service. Through the no obligatory service a claimant can ask claim related questions without being liable to hire any particular solicitor as long as he offers this service. The first free service ensures that the claimant does not have to worry about paying expensive legal fees where as the second service allows the claimant to ask a few questions before hiring any solicitor so that he is absolutely sure that the selected solicitor is right for him.

Where Can I Find No Win No Fee Road Traffic Accident Solicitors?
Solicitors that offer free legal help can be found through the help of the internet. Majority of the solicitors in UK have their own websites and it is possible to find these websites through search engines like Google or Yahoo. Claimants should remember that if they cannot find a good independent solicitor who is offering these services then they can opt for the legal services offered by accident settlement companies. Accident settlement companies usually provide additional free services like online personalized advice and online claim tracking services. The first additional service is an extension of the no obligatory service where as the second service is offered to claimants that commit to take the company’s legal advice.

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