Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Negligence Solicitors

Before hiring medical negligence solicitors, claimants should take some time out to research about these legal professionals so that they get the best legal help for no cost. This article will answer some questions that you may have about medical negligence solicitors.

What is Medical Negligence?
Medical negligence can be defined as a mistake made by a health care professional due to which the claimant suffered health problems or personal injury. An instance of a medical negligence claim would be if a surgeon made a mistake in surgery due to which the claimant has suffered personal injury and hence he is filing for compensation. Another instance of medical negligence can be if a doctor prescribed the wrong medicine to the claimant or if the pharmacist gave the wrong medicine to the claimant due to which the claimant suffered.

Who is classified as a Medical Negligence Solicitor?
Medical negligence is classified under personal injury but since medical negligence is a complex filed, solicitors that have professional training in dealing with claims that result from medical negligence are classified as medical negligence solicitors.


What Accreditation Should Good Medical Negligence Solicitors Have?
All personal injury lawyers by default have to be accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers Personal injury solicitors that help claimants with medical negligence claims should be accredited by the Law Society. In addition the legal professional can also be accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

What is the Fee Charged by Medical Negligence Solicitors?
Majority of these solicitors do not charge any fees for their legal services. These solicitors offer the no win no fee service through which the claimant who wants to file a medical negligence claim can get free legal help. The main benefit of this service is that the claimant does not have to pay any legal fees if he wins or loses the case since the solicitor will get his fees from the other party provided he helps the claimant win the case. Many solicitors also provide no obligatory services through which the claimant can ask solicitors questions related to the case before agreeing to hire them.

What are the Benefits of Opting for Personal Injury Solicitors?
The main benefit is that claimants get free legal advice that is personalized to suit their requirements. The selected solicitor will also negotiate with the party at fault, talk to the insurance company is applicable and represent the claimant in court. The solicitor will ensure that the claimant does not settle for a low compensation amount and he gets his deserved compensation amount when the case has been won. The solicitor will also provide tips, suggestions to help the claimant win the case and he will also prevent the claimant from making mistakes related to the claim.
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