Forced Adoption – UK selling children for money

Call IAN JOSEPHS This is the Gentleman who can help you for free, if you’re facing a forced adoption in the UK (his website has been “live” for 4 years). HELPLINE Telephone = 00 33 626 87 56 84 His email = Website = For goodness sake, reach out for help, this is too big and too important not to have everyone on side. Together we can do this! The British government gives millions to local authorities who adopt the most children. A Bonus. Parents are having children “adopted” for financial reasons. This is unethical and immoral – it amounts to selling children. Music is Kelly Clarkson – Low. If you’re affected – here’s GENUINE backup. Your children are WORTH it. Contact – IAN JOSEPHS, contact your MP. HELPLINE Telephone = 00 33 626 87 56 84 His email = John Hemming MP

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25 Responses to “Forced Adoption – UK selling children for money”

  1. AnabolicMutant Says:

    My two sons by my x-wife were taken on a Friday the evening after the younger one was taken by his mother with a sodomite social worker that was insisting on seeing his naked body in the medical examination room and was persistent about such. She called me out of the blue, unusual for her to do, and was relaying her concerns about this to me and so i threatened him to stay away from my son or i will stop him myself. He stayed outside but later that evening he had my children taken from my x-wife

  2. AnabolicMutant Says:

    Since then i found disgusting things about this man, Jeffrey Gordon Baker – a senior social worker from New York. Take a look at his Facebook page and you will see he has random young boys as “friends” and also belongs to gay pages and advertises his filthy immoral anti-religious gay performance entourage there. A number of concerns arose, i tried to have something done about this man but it was a fruitless effort. Perverts in the Police service wish to protect him, i guess!

  3. AnabolicMutant Says:

    Kevin Gordon, senior social worker from Jamaica and blatantly camp gay took over the case and many concerns about this man arose. For example, i was complaining to him about trying to organize a “birthday party” for my younger son where they will be playing filthy perverted music. I gave an example of some of the filth in a Britney Spears song named “If You Seek Amy”, which says clearly “All of the BOYS and all of the GIRLS are begging to F – U – C – K me!”… think about it…>

  4. AnabolicMutant Says:

    It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever if it says “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to IF YOU SEEK AMY!” WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? And anyhow, Britney has alluded to this fact herself in an interview when asked about the meaning (i believe it was on CNN). That is how these filthy perverts work. Now they are “grooming” as many kids as they can not only through TV but through music too. When i mentioned this to him, he said “So what? Who cares?”!!!

  5. AnabolicMutant Says:

    I didn’t expect him to be so open about what a filthy f*cking pervert he actually is!!!
    From then on i was informed by my x-wife of a number of issues which were making her fearful for the safety of our child. For instance, during one of the contact sessions, this strange man was leaning over him from behind and massaging his head and then said “What a beautiful boy he is!” out of the blue, which really concerned my x-wife. I was outraged to hear this too after what i know.

  6. AnabolicMutant Says:

    There have been other concerns raised, such as but not limited to Kevin Gordon taking our son to a “kiddies camp” for a week away!!!
    Knowing what i know, i do not feel at all comfortable about this. Our son also shows signs that he is scared of these people and is afraid to talk during contact sessions except for a few words. He is reported by my x-wife to have become very reclusive and withdrawn. Everything that happens is ignored, facts are ignored, lies are believed, it’s MAD

  7. AnabolicMutant Says:

    And now, since i have been trying to take down these filthy men, i have been subject to Police harassment and abuse (assault), threats of arrest for “breach of the peace” for just trying to report some suspected paedophile social workers that should be investigated (at three Police stations they threatened to arrest me, at one i was told to “F*ck off! Or you’ll end up in the cells!”)…
    Now these filthy b*stards have written in the latest reports that my son accused me of >

  8. AnabolicMutant Says:

    (the eldest one, who is now 14 and visits me regularly to see me, my wife and our children – his little sister and baby brother – maashaa’allah) > sexually abusing him when he was 6 years old. HOW SHOCKING!!! These evil b*stards will even make up something like this, put it in their reports and then ban my son from speaking for himself in the Courts to tell the judge it is a lie and that he didn’t say any of that!
    I am not afraid to talk about this as they may have wished!

  9. AnabolicMutant Says:

    These evil sh*tbags probably assumed i would be afraid to talk about what they have accused me of because most people would be scared just in case others believe the social workers. The thing is, i know i didn’t do it, my son knows i didn’t do it, my x-wife knows i didn’t do it, anyone who knows me knows i would absolutely never do such a thing, even the social workers know i didn’t do it because they are the pr*cks who made it up! It’s that simple! So why should i be afraid?

  10. AnabolicMutant Says:

    It’s just the SICK AND TWISTED mind games of some evil perverts who want to cover their own activities as well as take me down for whatever reason they can find! And what better could they think of than to try to make me appear to be one of them?
    I guess they want me in prison being raped by other men and then killing myself because i go insane because of the suffering due to something i didn’t do which some immoral perverts accused me of… WHAT IS THIS LAND COMING TO???

  11. AnabolicMutant Says:

    Or they want to try to find ways to take my baby son and little daughter from my wife and myself or to try to split us up like they tried for so long with my x-wife and myself (they succeeded because they used her illness against me to cause me to not be able to take anymore from her; i suspect they did magic too, as many of these evil people do practise it). Or maybe they want all of this! I believe they are now trying to actively destroy me using political subversion to do so.

  12. AnabolicMutant Says:

    They are probably doing this because i may have come close to disturbing a big ring of filthy paedophiles and some wicked activities happening within the Frampton Street department of Social Services, NW8.
    This is what i suspect, and i think this is why they are doing such crazy things now!
    These filthy sodomites seem to be willing to risk a lot to take me down. Even telling such huge lies in the final report which my own son speaks against himself!!!

  13. AnabolicMutant Says:

    Suddenly my son has stopped visiting me since last week, now it is coming ever closer to the final hearing on 18 June at the High Court in Holborn. This makes me wonder why, since he was saying he will testify against that perverted liar. What makes us both more sick is the fact that Kevin Gordon wrote this down as if my son said these things himself!
    I wonder now if they are threatening him again somehow! These swines just don’t stop the relentless headbanging!

  14. AnabolicMutant Says:

    I agree with you on this point, though it may seem a little brutal to those who feel they were given hope by these men. The sad fact is that NONE of them have EVER done anything hands on!
    As a matter of fact, all Ian did for me was call me from Monaco a few times and advise me to leave the country with my wife and baby son and little girl and forget about my other children for the rest of my life and he offered to pay for my flight costs…
    … AFTER i buy the tickets myself first!

  15. AnabolicMutant Says:

    No help with contacts, no help with getting a cash in hand job when i get to Sweden or Southern Ireland (EU states, strangely), no suggestions as to what to do from then on. Not that i really needed any of these things and not that i thought his advice was that good to me! ABANDON MY CHILDREN??? Okay, maybe he thought at that time i will definitely lose them all soon! I just hope he isn’t right! It is now starting to look like that might be the case, >>>

  16. AnabolicMutant Says:

    @justphil101 >>>
    but the biggest problem now is that these evil b*stards have accused me of something whereupon if i try to leave the country suddenly with my whole family they will make things far worse for me by using these filthy accusations to cause extreme problems!
    I am HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS now that i certainly did shake a paedophile operation in Frampton Street, Westminster Social Services Department. More worried than ever now they are doing this, as surely this is how they work!?

  17. AnabolicMutant Says:

    WHERE are Ian Josephs and Jon Hemming now??? NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!
    In fact, Jon’s secretary just fobbed me off a load of crap on the phone about how it’s impossible for him to help me if i am “not one of his constituents” because it’s not common practise and is frowned upon and causes trouble blah blah blah…
    So i couldn’t get through to him either! And so he too is nowhere to be seen!
    I wonder if Jon is still doing anything at all on this level since Libs got into Parliament!?

  18. UKSecretCourts Says:

    On 1 July 2010, Freedom Advocacy & Law filed CLASS ACTION against the Family Division Courts of the United Kingdom and the Local Authorities operating within the Statutory jurisdiction of same.
    If you wish to add your name to the Class Action (it is not too late!), please send details as follows, to or

  19. UKSecretCourts Says:

    Your Name;
    Your full postal address;
    The case Number (will be on all court orders; if there is more than one case number, please supply all of them);
    A brief (2-3 line) description of the reasons given for the Orders.
    Class Period: 14 October 1991-Present
    Class Qualification: Care Orders issued pursuant to the Children Act 1989 (c. 41), subsequent adoption or other such orders (if any)
    Who can file as Class Litigants: Anybody who’s Name appears on CA1989 applications

  20. UKSecretCourts Says:

    On 1 July 2010, Freedom Advocacy & Law filed CLASS ACTION against the Family Division Courts of the United Kingdom and the Local Authorities operating within the Statutory jurisdiction of same.
    If you wish to add your name to the Class Action (it is not too late!), please send details as follows, to or

  21. olddonno1 Says:

    Rule 1 applies only! never ever get them involved, uksecretcourts how do i get
    involved with doing something about this?

  22. UKSecretCourts Says:


    join the families for justice forum which is free and set up by John Hemming MP.

    If you can make video’s, work as an MKF (McKenize Friend), in fact any and all services are happily welcomed.

    It’s important to get the word out and to organise AGAINST the SS.

  23. pokemonprincess1988 Says:

    That’s why they only ever generally take little babies, MONEY. Yeah, they take a few older kids just to make them look good, but most of them are left to get abused.

  24. rosannaRodriquezgcqr Says:

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  25. kingiescastel Says:

    OH NO WE SIGNED PAPERS last week to go on a 6 month programme to “help” the kids, hope its legit and we have not signed outr kids away