Family Law Solicitors Wirral – Understanding Family Law Basics

Family law solicitors are very well-versed with the legalities of family and relationship matters. They are often faced with trying to settle differences between married couples, and to represent one party in court. In order to be recognised as a married couple in the United Kingdom, two people must obtain and sign a marriage certificate confirming the marriage. And this act must be witnessed by at least two other people. The matrimonial ceremony may be held in a church, registry office, or other venues, and must be solemnized by a person with the authority to register marriages. In the UK, a person has to be more than 16 years of age to get married; those below 18 need parents’ consent. Marrying more than one person at a time and marrying a close relative are illegal.

If a legally married couple no longer wants to stay in the marriage, either one of them can initiate a divorce proceeding, and this is when family law solicitors are necessary. Divorce is a legal process, which can be simple or complex, depending on the circumstances. The process becomes especially lengthy and costly when there are children involved. At the onset, off-court settlement may prove effective in resolving conflicts, but a few cases end up before a judge. Each party needs to have a good family law solicitor in Wirral to represent them during private reconciliation or court proceeding. Only a couple who has been married for at least a year can file for divorce. The grounds for filing are adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion for least two years, and at least two years of separation. Your family law solicitor in Wirral can help you identify the most appropriate legal grounds for divorce in your case.

Divorce has financial repercussions, and it pays to know the cost involved. The cost of divorce is influenced by three factors, namely divorce (the pure and legal aspect of the case), assets (finances and property involved in the case), and children (child contact, child residence and child maintenance). Family law solicitors in Wirral collect hourly fees. Hence, the more complex and more prolonged the case is, the more it costs. However, some individuals may obtain legal aid or government assistance when filing for divorce. It helps if both parties have fewer disagreements so that there is no need for a lengthy and costly settlement. The person who initiates the proceeding or files for divorce often incurs the more expenses, although some parties may agree to share the costs.

A good family law solicitor knows how to defend his client in court, but keeps costs down at the same time. A party who wants to file for divorce must take time in choosing his legal counsel so that he can be properly represented throughout the duration of the case. It helps to search for family law solicitors in Wirral that a party can trust. Many of these professionals offer free hours of initial consultation to discuss matters about filing for divorce. This is great news for those who are actively searching for dependable family law solicitors to handle their case because initial meeting allows them to evaluate the service quality and credibility of the solicitors.

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