Family Law Solicitors Bristol – The Cost Of Divorce

The end of your relationship is usually emotional enough without worrying about divorce costs. When it comes to precisely how all your financial assets will be split up plus what monetary support will have to be paid, each case is going to be different; however there are many costs that will be applicable in every divorce.

Just How Much Does A Divorce Process Cost?
Besides the charges that the majority of solicitors will probably charge to handle a divorce in England, there are several common court costs that you will have to pay too.

Divorce court costs – The charge for submitting your petition for divorce is set at £340, when you file for your Decree Absolute you will find there’s an additional fee of £40. Subject to your circumstances, various other court charges may apply, like a fee for a Consent Order, which will cost you £45 and would be needed if you have already agreed upon the particulars of the monetary settlement and want a ‘clean break’ divorce.

Solicitor Costs – The actual cost of a divorce lawyer is going to differ from situation to situation depending on the length of time that it takes to finalise your divorce, the complexity of the case and also the solicitors hourly rate. A straightforward case may well only cost you a few hundred pounds, however a lengthy and time consuming process, when a husband and wife are finding it difficult to arrive at some sort of agreement concerning issues such as finances and child custody, can cost thousands.

Legal Aid Divorce
For people who may find it hard to meet the monetary cost of a divorce process, Legal Aid may well be a possibility. However, not everybody is qualified to receive Legal Aid, which is meant to help only those most in need.

If you’re dealing with a divorce or Family Law matter and want to understand the various alternatives for funding your case, speak to our Bristol Divorce Solicitors office, who’ll give you the guidance and advice you’ll need.

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