Family Law in the UK – Getting a Divorce Throughout England

Whenever a couple get married, it’s typically anticipated that they’re going to stay together for the rest of their lives. However, despite the fact that the rate of divorces in England may be dropping, it’s still a sorry fact that over a third of marriages will result in separation and divorce. If perhaps this happens to be a predicament you’re in, here’s a little information that could be useful.

If you want to obtain a divorce, you will find a couple of criteria you first need to fulfill before you’ll be able to submit your Divorce Petition. Firstly, you’ve got to have been married for at least 12 months. Secondly, you’ve got to be in a position to demonstrate that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This is actually the only reason for divorce throughout England and, according to The Law Society’s website you will find numerous possible reasons for this breakdown.

Adultery – If perhaps your spouse confesses to having an affair, or maybe you are in a position to prove it, then you ought to have good reason for a divorce. Despite the fact that you don’t necessarily need to move out of the marital residence so as to submit a Divorce Petition, it’ll need to be submitted within six months of learning about the affair when you’re using it as grounds for the divorce.

Unreasonable Behaviour – This can cover an array of issues in the marriage, and some of them not as severe as you may think. If perhaps you can’t reasonably be expected to carry on living with your spouse for some particular reason, you ought to be in a position to submit a Divorce Petition. This is perhaps the most commonly specified reason for divorce throughout England.

Desertion – When your spouse leaves you for a time period of two years or more without having your agreement, that might be considered as Desertion, and it is another reason for seeking a divorce.

Separation – If you and your spouse have lived independently for a certain length of time, this might be another reason for petitioning for a divorce. The timeframe varies, dependant upon whether you both agree with the divorce. If perhaps you do, and have lived independently for a time period of 2 years or more, you ought to have grounds for a divorce. If perhaps one spouse doesn’t agree with the divorce, that time frame has to be 5 years.

Even though you are feeling that your marriage may be over, divorce is not your only option. There are numerous good counselling options around the Leeds and West Yorkshire area, which have helped plenty of husbands and wives workout their differences and get back on course. On the other hand, you may decide to think about a trial separation, in order to gain a new perspective on the partnership, and whether or not it could be repaired.

What ever your predicament, if you need guidance about a divorce or family law matter, be sure you get in touch with our Family Solicitors Leeds office. They should be able to give you the guidance and help you’ll need if you’re considering divorce or any other aspect of Family Law.

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