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Divorce and family disputes are one of the most common issues prevalent around the world. And when it comes to dispute handling/justification most of them not get what they are liable to. In order to get your right/justice, family law attorneys are established across the country. They act as a mediator/regulatory agencies which handle the conflict or issue and create a win-win situation for both the parties.

In addition to the divorce there are certain factors like property, child support, taxes, financial issues, etc that are likely to come into picture while handling the divorce. There are chances that the two partners are sharing some or most of the things/assets like stocks, furniture, pets, etc. So a proper decision should be taken which must be in favor of both the parties or we can say which justifies the situation. The regulatory firms i.e. divorce and family law attorneys are meant to handle these issues in a convenient way as they have knowledge and experience dealing with these situations.   

At the Mellin Robbinson, P.C firm, we represent experienced Divorce and family law attorneys whose practice areas focus on domestic relations cases. The attorneys at this firm pride themselves on providing each and every client with the attention they deserve. Divorce and other family law issues are often difficult due to the intense personal and emotional issues involved. The lawyers at Mellin Robinson, P.C. are trained to navigate the winding road and help clients obtain a result that is fair and equitable. The Law Office of Mellin Robinson P.C. understands the multi-faceted considerations that divorce and custody litigation require. We handle complex divorce litigation, property division, post judgment enforcement, custody, child-support, spousal support and paternity issues.


Divorce can be complicated by financial concerns affecting all members of the family. Our clients rely heavily on our unparalleled team of seasoned attorneys, financial advisors, appraisers, business evaluators, accountants, and psychologists to obtain the best possible results
Michigan is a “no fault” divorce state. This simply means that a person seeking a divorce does not have to prove that the other party is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. The only statutory requirement is that one party must be able to allege that the marriage relationship has broken down and there is no likelihood of reconciliation. Note, that only one spouse needs to believe the marriage is over in order for the court to grant the divorce.

The issues to be decided in a divorce action include: property division (real estate, personal property, business interests, educational degrees, retirement accounts, investment accounts); payment of debts; spousal support; payment of attorney fees; and if there are minor children then custody, parenting time and child support.
In the end the divorce and family law attorney are very experienced and knowledgeable while handling these issues. So, their assistance will definitely helps you getting justice and your right related to these issues.

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