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Family law focuses on family-related issues and domestic relations such as divorce, child custody, alimony, spousal abuse, child abuse, visitation rights, child support and so on. Family law is a vast and highly specialized area. In almost all jurisdictions in the United States, family courts are the most crowded.

According to the recent statistics, marriage rate in US is 7.1 per 1,000 of total population and divorce rate is 3.5 per 1,000 of total population. Those are staggering numbers. Divorce not only affects the adults but also the children. Everyone’s welfare is at stake.

Overview Of Family Law


There are several categories under divorce like contested divorce, uncontested divorce, fault divorce, no fault divorce, simplified divorce and limited divorce. Each one of them is treated differently and has different implications. For instance, no fault divorce is a system wherein neither party finds fault. In fact, they file for divorce due to irreconcilable differences and it is a mutual decision.

Child Support And Custody

The one who is worst affected in divorce cases is the child. The custody battle can play havoc with the child. This aspect of family law decides who will support the child financially and who will possess the right to custody. The parent who is deemed more responsible is given custody. This law also governs the visitation agreement. It determines how frequently the parent can visit the child and where. These elements are covered under family law.

Domestic Violence

This aspect of family law deals with cases related to physical and mental abuse. The torture could be inflicted on a woman, man, elderly or the child. A good family law attorney will attempt to completely understand the past and present situation to handle such delicate matters.

Grandparent’s Rights

This aspect of family law gives a right to the grandparents to take care of the child. Sometimes, the child may be more attached to the grandparent or some other close relative. This law is applicable in such cases. There are two types of law – ‘Loco Parentis’ and ‘Legal Parents.’ In the former case, the child treats a person as a parent since he has developed a bonding and an emotional relationship with the elderly. In the latter, the parents are the biological parents of the child.

Family law deals with sensitive issues and therefore it is imperative to hire a lawyer who is compassionate and understands the situation. A lawyer who offers an easy and peaceful solution should be preferred over a hotheaded one. Aggressiveness and boldness are not desirous to have in a family law attorney. Apart from that, a family law attorney should be a good listener. He or she should understand the situation and should study the case thoroughly. A good lawyer is one who makes a client feel comfortable. Specialization in the area of concern is another must.

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