Elbow – Grounds For Divorce (Live @ Abbey Road)

elbow performing “grounds for divorce” live at abbey road studios

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11 Responses to “Elbow – Grounds For Divorce (Live @ Abbey Road)”

  1. hellchild101 Says:


  2. sparkly121 Says:

    i’m soooo in love with them right now 🙂

  3. 431972 Says:

    same here…sounds such a top man…..great great band …bloody love em!

  4. kyzrsoze1 Says:

    what a mindblowing,faith restoring,breath of fresh air of an album,cant stop listening ever song is great and collectively a masterpiece.up there with the all time greatest.

  5. annyrola86 Says:

    WOW 4:06 it´s amazing!!!!!! the energy of that guitarr is incredible. I LIKE ELBOW!!!!

  6. Pinchysandcrab Says:

    Super! Thanks Gina for share!

  7. foreveremo Says:

    this song is soooo addictive

  8. MattySP34Ks Says:

    lol “wouldnt say its 9-5 i’d say its more midday till 4 rofl

  9. RyanRandomRandomRyan Says:

    WOAHH !!!!

  10. jazza2006 Says:

    This is on constantly in my car! What a top notch song! Smashing.

  11. Halopend Says:

    Grounds for diver