Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

From their new album The Seldom Seen Kid. —————————————- Message me for songs/requests. =] xxx

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25 Responses to “Elbow – Grounds For Divorce”

  1. avenged8300 Says:

    / \

  2. nnudmas Says:

    The seldon seen kid was a nickname given to one of their friends who died, ‘Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen kid’ obviously means they drink to his memory and ‘some day we’ll be drinking with the seldom seen kid’ means that one day they will die and be reunited with their friend.

    Makes me quite sad… 🙁

  3. HabboRob Says:

    Isn’t this the theme for Burn After Reading?
    Awesome movie and song ^^

  4. sale060606 Says:

    Not really the theme, it was only used in the trailer.

  5. Krucial8 Says:

    what genre would this come under?

  6. bashes1 Says:


  7. JEN3SOPH1 Says:

    I wonder if Oasis wish they’d made a song as good as this…

  8. sg238 Says:

    always on tv and adverts etc,

  9. LordDeathheartxD Says:

    House season 6 promo!

  10. LostUntilTomorrow Says:

    they actually used this for Left 4 Dead in their Ads (they just cut out the singers voice)

  11. Scudsy101 Says:

    Alternative Rock,its usaully what you put on new rock-ish music.”classystyledpoprick” doesn’t suit it at all.

  12. Misskdinsdale Says:

    I have known this song for ages but never knew what it was – sounds stupid but true. (I knew the tune, didn’t know what it was called or who sung it =S)

  13. theannoyingdevil2 Says:

    they did, it was called wonderwall 😉

  14. acdcjacko Says:

    It all starts @ 1:14 (best bit)

  15. yohohoho1sake Says:

    best part

    Dr House

  16. ParchmentOfPower Says:

    They didn’t cut it out, it was just hard to hear past everything else.

  17. goombaman223 Says:

    this song is on l4d 🙂 my fave bit of the game

  18. BenC0re Says:

    @Misskdinsdale I was trying to find out this song for years, it’s been on so many films and stuff and i never knew what it was called =/ got played it the other day at a friends house and i haven’t stopped listening to it 🙂

  19. heayss1 Says:


  20. hockypuck0jojo Says:

    Amazing. (:

  21. Misskdinsdale Says:

    Its addictive lol I went through that stage 🙂

  22. hybird55 Says:

    One of the best guitar riffs for the past 5 years

  23. 45andcounting Says:

    Burn after Reading anyone?

  24. MRresievil310 Says:

    nick – coach, when i start this finale, your not going to start dancing are you?

  25. pimpinspartan Says:

    great great song