Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

Music video by Elbow performing Grounds For Divorce. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1965210. (C) 2008 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

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25 Responses to “Elbow – Grounds For Divorce”

  1. bixorastejante Says:

    dirt2 music <3

  2. TheHawkdaddy Says:

    the singer looks like stephen fry which is pretty awesome

  3. nickyboy187 Says:

    I hate this band. Elbow are terrible! I think the venue they play in inthis song is where they belong. Doesn’t this just sound like the sort of crap you’d expect to hear from a dodgy looking bloke in his 40s crooning in a dingy bar, whacking his tankard against the table to entertain the barflies? Or is it just me?

  4. MUNZ3L Says:

    Chipmunk Version of this song on my channel

  5. Theelderscrollsftw94 Says:

    @nickyboy187 It’s just you;)

  6. 1919anonim Says:

    habar nu ai sa canti sugemi-ai pula

  7. snabadabadingdong Says:

    @nickyboy187 just you, this song is amazing and its my favourite. what music do you recommend?

  8. snabadabadingdong Says:

    Guy Garvey ftw :’)

  9. crustworthy1 Says:

    @MUNZ3L hooray…

  10. coralfields Says:

    @1919anonim în momente d-astea mi-i jenă că eşti român.

  11. coralfields Says:

    @nickyboy187 it’s just you.

  12. coralfields Says:

    @TheHawkdaddy something between stephen fry and joe cocker. (first time i heard/seen this clip i had no idea about elbow. i thought it was joe cocker when he was younger.)

  13. MUNZ3L Says:

    @crustworthy1 lol

  14. frostkristian Says:

    Can anyone plaese tell me what kind of acoustic guitar Mark Potter plays in this video?

  15. Arcenicum Says:

    @frostkristian A black one.

    But seriousely, I don’t know the brand, but if you are asking for the type: It’s a semi-acoustic steelstring dreadnaught.

  16. Warrockdeadking88 Says:


  17. TraustiGeir Says:

    The way they ascend into that chorus is pure brilliance!

  18. GazzaGlitta Says:

    @nickyboy187 I think you’re a moron. Or is it just me? No you definatley are.

  19. mindonmusic Says:

    That riff is so… skanky… fuck yes.

  20. 55meds Says:

    It’s like my ears are vaginas and this song is a penis, wait…..reverse that to make it less gay or don’t. Whatever, this song is AWESOME.

  21. 55meds Says:

    I was just wondering if there are any other songs by this band that are this amazing?

  22. eirik355 Says:

    If you looked upon this song because of L4D give thumps up

  23. ndrwRLZ Says:

    i think the main reason theres only 31 thousand views is cause its an awesome song ands many people have hear it but nearly no1 knows the name
    took me about a year atfer i heard it 2 find its name

  24. left4deadrox Says:

    i only no this song cuz of left 4 dead lol it rocks

  25. ellie20101000 Says: