EARNING BONUSES & REWARDS FOR CHIlDREN/fDestructionofFilesAudio/Shreddedsociety

See Petition www.thepetitionsite.com State of Missouri Leaves out the Timeline to the case that shows how they set the child up for adoption by using their own first hand knowledge. State officials on the case, left out information in order to obtain an unlawful termination. Time line shows their knowledge of their own actions and predated intentions to procure an unlawful adoption. Timeline was never allowed or used during court procedures that would show the judges deliberate ignorance and intentions to hide their own acts of child endangerment and fraud to obtain an unlawful adoption. Courts Rule on Parental Bonding To Separate Mother& Daughter while collecting federal funds, bonuses and rewards. Missouri state officials have taken the right to claim that a parent or child has no bond between them in order to establish a termination of parental rights act of law. See petition, Child Abduction By The State www.thepetitionsite.com What Would Our Lifes Be Like Today, If We Could Have Been Together?www.thepetitionsite.com The state of Missouri makes devastating rulings based on parental bonding, while collecting their bonuses and rewards for children. Missouri state politicians continue to ignore allow for the family courts to take authority over parental bonding giving them the right to create and make false claims regarding a parental bonds worth in order to terminate parental rights in the state of Missouri.

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25 Responses to “EARNING BONUSES & REWARDS FOR CHIlDREN/fDestructionofFilesAudio/Shreddedsociety”

  1. UnoRaza Says:

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  10. RPrice353 Says:

    This is sad, very sad

  11. RPrice353 Says:

    This is sad, very sad

  12. RPrice353 Says:

    This is sad, very sad

  13. RPrice353 Says:

    This is sad, very sad

  14. jdddehoff Says:

    I am speechless …. i feel so sorry you have had to go through this ,this country sure has lost its way

  15. dr350rider27 Says:

    okay, it’s called get the guys and go in with guns and kidnap your child back! wow! this is crazy stuff going on.

  16. menuvwar Says:

    @ShreddedSociety I was 7514328. Now menuvwar. As a former U.S Marine, I continue to see the erosion of our family values. It is a seditious, treasonous and discriminating act of cowardice of the State to determine (through testing) if she is mentally allowed to bring the newborn home with her. I concur with your rationale! To be honest with you, I believe the Nazi’s were doing similar inquiries which were later considered war crimes in Germany.

  17. NancyHey Says:

    They pulled that same trick on me too, using Sabrina’s time in foster care and her bond with her foster parents as a reason not to return her to me. It is all so corrupt!

  18. NancyHey Says:

    @ShreddedSociety The state would fail the test!

  19. Beautifullystrong Says:

    @happyface2012: What difference does it make if he was married? Are you suggesting that a man cannot be a single parent? The issue is not that this child was adopted by a single man. It’s that she was not given the proper opportunity to bond with her mother so she could go home!

  20. godsplan4thechildren Says:

    This is why they do not charge them with a crime because they would receive due process. My son was on a wish list. 6 days after his illegal removal they gave my 6 year old son to a pedophile so they could make side money. It is all about money and not the best interest of the child. You must learn the rules of the court than used them against them.

  21. gifteconomy12 Says:

    The satanic system is it – no justice, no mercy, no love!
    We have to eliminate those who rape our children and make money on them! No mercy for those criminals!
    Claim FREE WATER, FREE LAND, FREE SPACE… AND WORK ONLY FOR FREE – no money could flow to the top of their satanic patriarchal pyramide! GIFT ECONOMY is the way!

  22. opvideography Says:

    Great video

    CPS is money driven Not the friend of families.

  23. W3Ar31 Says:

    itsall about “winning” and us parents losing cps thinks its a win to rip a family apart sad and australia are sooooooooo corrupt also

  24. SocsMcSocrates Says:

    I can only say to you in this sea of words. I feel for you and your family. Whilst non of yesterday can be changed, today can make a difference, keep up your fight. These are the last words I have for my mother as we part.

    “My rider of the bright eyes,
    What happened to you yesterday?
    I thought you in my heart,
    When I bought your fine clothes,
    A woman the world could not slay.”

  25. lukilotus Says:

    Very heart broken when i saw this video. My wife and i lost our daughter to a (child custody predator for benefits) family member kidnapper using the court system to gain custody then collect benefits. This made it legal on one hand, but on the other hand, it was a kidnapping,corrupt court hearings,then covered up by Judge Claude J. Gober of Cherokee county Georgia.1971-06, (6) children & (1) adult became victims.FBI,GBI refuses to investigate. See CPS & Family court corruption paperwork ! tya