Dusty might be up for adoption?

:3 Dusty might be up for adoption. Please adopt him, and treat him like a king. Please visit this website for more details: www.newbeginningscatshelter.com This Channel is dedicated to the abused cat Dusty. *UPDATE 1*Dusty has reportedly been taken from his abusers and placed in a vet :3 The abusers have reportedly been arrested and released until a report is sent to the DA. This isn’t over yet. *UPDATE 2* A petition has been set up in the hope of getting the abusers punished to the full extent of the law. Please visit and sign: www.petitionspot.com *UPDATE 3* “During their investigation, the Sheriff’s Department discovered a third abuse video that shows the beating of a black and white cat – also at a teens’ home. The sheriff’s department rescued that cat today.” “The cats will not go back into the home” *UPDATE 4* If you have the time, you could call the DA and ask for the abusers to be punished to the full extent of the law, and voice your opinion on the incident. visit: www.comanchecounty.us mid=35

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25 Responses to “Dusty might be up for adoption?”

  1. PrittyKitty1991 Says:

    Wow, they are awesome.
    They are really beautiful :).

  2. CakeMace Says:

    😉 yup

  3. relaxitsonlyagame Says:

    Yeah… That’s what cats do. They are animals and are programmed for that. Birds shit on my car and build nests on my property.
    Humans pollute the earth and build concrete jungles over hundreds of thousands (probably much much more) of square miles across this planet and raise birds to kill and eat and clear cut forests.
    Now I love eating meat and living in my home with all amenities as everyone else but still I try and relate with the animals/creatures that we SHARE this planet with.

  4. CakeMace Says:

    awesome, so i can argue that as a human, i am programmed to eat meat. cats are a good source of meat and therefore i shall slaughter and eat cats!

    got it =)

  5. relaxitsonlyagame Says:

    Yeah that’s better. Just keep in mind that cat meat would be really stringy.

  6. CakeMace Says:

    Oh? i take it you have eaten cat before?

  7. relaxitsonlyagame Says:

    Haven’t visited Korea yet but I’ll let you know when I do.

  8. CakeMace Says:

    okay, please don’t forget to tell me how cats taste =)

  9. relaxitsonlyagame Says:

    kk I will. more excited for dog.

  10. CakeMace Says:

    i heard cat tastes nicer, but tell me how dog tastes too!

  11. maggieteichert Says:

    finally dusty will get the peace and love he deserves. I hope he will live a happy life with his new owners =)

  12. tomservo3 Says:


  13. tomservo3 Says:

    I’d go all the way to oklahoma or wherever Dusty is just to adopt him.

  14. CakeMace Says:

    well done on pointing out the obvious there, whats your point?

  15. tomservo3 Says:

    My point is That I’d go all that way to adopt that cat. I’m in NY.

  16. CakeMace Says:

    Good for you, if you feel that way about abused animals I’m sure that there are shelters that you can adopt heaps of cats who have been in similar situations. just do the residence that live near you a favor, don’t let the cat roam 😛

  17. tomservo3 Says:

    I’m an indoor kitty person.

  18. ragestrrage Says:

    id adopt dusty get my DDoS program all set up and let dusty hit the “start attack” button. this sick mother fucker should be tortured. and do to him what was done to that poor cat. 7x over.

  19. CrazyFaze1 Says:

    Abused cat Dusty can has Home?

  20. faceless127 Says:

    Dusty is not living a great life, he is back home with Kenny! The media made up a bunch of lies telling everyone dusty was getting a new home and that Kenny and his camera man got punished but its all lies!!! They got nothing more then a slap on the wrist for what they have done.

  21. VampirAnchoret Says:

    Schön, das Dusty mitlerweile ein schönes zuhause gefunden hat.. Kiss

  22. hakuthefiredemon Says:

    @faceless127 actually he is in prison

  23. faceless127 Says:

    @hakuthefiredemon Ya, whats your source? Because as far as I know he was a minor and they did not trial him as an adult and just gave him a slap on the wrist and the news just to calm everyone down told everyone that he did.

  24. hakuthefiredemon Says:

    @faceless127 rite. because its all just a conspiracy rite?

  25. lasofia999 Says:

    ey ce n’est pas la misère ordinaire c’est de la cruauté le pire visage humain
    a ton stade c’est de la betise fk