Dolly Parton – DIVORCE – With Lyrics follow me!

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13 Responses to “Dolly Parton – DIVORCE – With Lyrics”

  1. megz200 Says:

    Love this song but i prefer the Tammy waynett version .. but this one is Good aswell

  2. deankiller1 Says:

    Good song,
    One of my friends suggested this as slow dance music at a wedding 😀

  3. bettyd3345 Says:

    I love this song! Live long Dolly Parton .

  4. kathleenfan4life Says:

    i only came across this song for the first time last night cause my nan wanted to here it and i feel inlove it

  5. SuperTiaBaby Says:

    Amazing I love it and I love Dolly Parton so much x

  6. Estrellamii Says:

    @deankiller1 yeah, let’s sing depressing songs about d ivorce at weddings

  7. SuperTiaBaby Says:

    @Estrellamii lol init x

  8. InspireMeX Says:


  9. pjz11261231 Says:

    @Estrellamii shut up dont talk about someone elses wedding like that

  10. pjz11261231 Says:

    @megz200 i do also prefer the tammy wynette version she is very talented dolly is talented i do also like tammy

  11. ClodWatkins Says:

    Now This Is Pure Country Music.. Just How It Should Be Nowadays!!!

  12. aimeelooloo1 Says:

    My cousio will not sto singing it 😀

  13. oliviaschristianfan1 Says:

    At least you sing this song with pride, my role model trashed her in a certain movie, my role model would be nothing if it wasn’t for Tammy Wynette. Thank You Dolly