Do i buy a jack wills gilet or a hollister?

Hi, ive wanted a Jack wills gilet for a long time, but recently ive seen a lot of people wearing them.. And now im not sure weather to buy a jack wills gilet OR a hollister gilet. The jack wills is £98 and the hollister is £60, so a cheaper price (which is good) but what would anyone else suggest i get?

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5 Responses to “Do i buy a jack wills gilet or a hollister?”

  1. ellie :] Says:

    I own a navy + pink Jack Wills one and my friend owns a navy hollister one.
    Even she agrees that Jack Wills ones are better. Much warmer, more pockets, look nicer.

  2. Brittany R Says:


  3. ♥ Hopie ♥ Says:

    Holister is rubbish quality, so get the jack wills one


  4. Amy Amyyy Says:

    Iv got the Jack wills one in navy and there realy in fashion right now I think you should get Jack wills one there better

  5. Farddin94 Says:

    How about a north face one?