Divorce Solicitors – How to find a good representative for your family matter

Divorce solicitors can offer a range of specialist advice on many different family issues, such as: divorce, civil partnership, ancillary relief, custody, parental rights, adoption and much much more.


Divorce solicitors are solicitors whose area of expertise is family law and as such they can offer advice and assistance in your matter. However, many family related law issues are often quite sensitive and personal to the client and as such instructing divorce solicitors is something that requires much deliberation at the outset.


To find suitable divorce solicitors, most people will start by doing some general research. You can visit the Community Legal Services website or call them or contact your local the Citizens Advice Bureau for a list of divorce solicitors on their database. You may also check the Yellow Pages.

Other may start by asking friends or relatives for r

ecommendations. This can be a good a starting point as any, but your research should not stop there. Of course, a recommendation should be important but there are other factors which require consideration.  



You should instruct divorce solicitors who you feel comfortable working with. Sometimes the best way of finding this out is to speak to the firm and in particular the person who would handle your case should you instruct them. This can sometimes be done over the phone or some divorce solicitors may even offer a free initial consultation. Most people will usually know from the first 5 minutes of speaking with a person, whether they feel comfortable with them.


This initial point of contact will also allow you to gauge the extent of knowledge and experience held by the divorce solicitor before you instruct them to act.


Another important thing to research is the background of the firm and to ensure that the firm is regulated and to check their background as an organization.


Remember, do not be embarrassed to ask about fees and the other costs, which may be required in your case. If you do not feel comfortable discussing fees with the solicitor, chances are you won’t feel confident discussing other parts of your life and the case with them as well.


Overall, there are no rules or guidelines to help you find the right solicitor for you and your decision will be based upon not only your research but also your gut feelings.


Remember, once you instruct divorce solicitors then they will deal with the majority of your matter from start to finish, simply consulting you as to new developments and asking for required information. You will not need to get involved too much in the process itself and for this reason you want to ensure that you trust the solicitor to get the outcome that is best for you. You must feel comfortable speaking with them about all aspects (even costs) and this will ensure that your family matter progresses as quickly and as smoothly as possible.


Hopefully, if you get a good solicitor your divorce should not be too stressful and you may be able to surface with some good feelings and a decent settlement, if this is something you are worried about.

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