Divorce Online – The benefits of using an online divorce company

In today’s society, with the constraints and pressures of everyday life why should obtaining a divorce have to make everything grind to a halt? The answer is simply it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to. Thousands of people every month throughout the UK are seeking ways to reduce the amount of time it takes and the costs involved in obtaining a divorce and turn to online divorce specialists such as Fasttrack Divorce to assist them in this process.

To break this down, by using an online divorce company the average divorce can be completed in just 12 weeks and cost (excluding courts fees) from as little at £37 in comparison to a high street solicitor’s service where the average divorce takes up to 18 months and the cost of the divorce can be in excess of £1,000 (excluding court fees). There are many reasons why this is usually the case but here are the main points for you to consider;

If the online divorce company charges an upfront fee inclusive of VAT only (and you must check that this is the only fee due to them i.e. there are not other costs) then they are unable to add additional cost on to your divorce later on in the process, in comparison to a high street solicitor who will generally charge you for consultations, correspondence and additional advice. Building these charges into the divorce process makes your case profitable for a high street solicitor and fees can escalate quickly, however for the online divorce company it is their objective to complete your case as quickly as possible as they have already taken their fee and are unable to build in additional charges.

By using a high street solicitor their focus may be on many different aspects of law not just divorce. To make sure your case is completed as efficiently as possible you should look for a Divorce Solicitor who is experienced in handling divorce cases – in fact my advice is that they should be a specialist in this area, meaning it’s the only work that they do. The courts can be extremely particular in what they receive throughout the process and the slightest mistake can add weeks onto your divorce and can also result in additional court and solicitor fees.

And finally ease of access to updates and developments on your case is also a crucial thing to consider. A high street solicitor will usually only be contactable during office hours and an appointment will usually need to be made and at a cost! Meaning you will probably have to take time off work and of course pay for their fee; whereas a good online divorce company such as Fasttrack Divorce will provide you with 24 hour access to their case management tracking system where you can manage your divorce effectively from the comfort of your own home at a time suitable for you. It is also import to have a dedicated point of contact that you can speak to or liasie with via email and that no fees are charged for this service, Fasttrack Divorce provide this free of charge.

There are of course many other benefits that can be listed but I believe that these are the most important things to consider helping save you time and money when going through a divorce. If you and your spouse are both in agreement and ready to move on surely the fastest, simplest and most cost efficient route is the best option.

Start your divorce proceedings today by visiting Fasttrack Divorce and use a tried and trusted service that thousands of other people in the UK have already used to successfully obtain their divorce.

Fasttrack Divorce is the UK’s Leading online Divorce Company. We help thousands of people obtain their divorce in the quickest, simplest and most cost effective way every month. We provide support and guidance throughout the divorce process.
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