Divorce Law.

Common sense in divorce law, fairness, and including the children in the decision is rare. It’s also near impossible given the system as it is. I relate my story here, but I don’t have answers for you if you want dogma. Sorry, some things aren’t simple. About the misogyny video: It may still be coming up, because I know that the criticism is out there, but you have to remember the character of those criticizing us. If you think masculism is anti-feminist or anti-woman you haven’t been listening to what I’ve been saying. If you also think Western Civilization is sexist then you may be living on another planet and I would like you to read about Sharia law. Sincerely. Masculists are not misogynistic, for the most part, some are disagreeable and fed up with the anti-pornsters (who seem to be losing their mating struggle with pornography, lol). Masculists want to see feminism accomplish its original goals, goals that were accomplished years ago in blue states. If you want to attack pro-life forces or expose religious legal reasoning, we are behind you. Please don’t compound or excuse the sexist laws that hurt men like the constitutional ban on pornography or the draft.

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25 Responses to “Divorce Law.”

  1. gunsandbullhorns Says:

    Yeah, I suppose you could broach that topic if you wanna’ be a “nice guy”. But that would be unnecessary, and furthermore it would shatter the myth of homoœconomicus (the assumption that the desired ends of all human action is maximization of wealth).

    Who would want to contradict such an assumption?

  2. thenewbillyzero Says:

    I have a lot to say on this issue and may just go ahead and do a video on it. My parents were married for fifteen years before they got a divorce, and I am the oldest of five. It followed that my father paid my mother $500 a week for several years even after my sister and I moved out, so he should only have had to pay for three of the kids. He didn’t take me off the child support until I had graduated. At that point, I had been 18 for six months and living just with him for more than a year.

  3. variablast Says:

    And the most obvious answer is let the homosexuals find the solution once they get equal rights. They have so much to bring to the table.

  4. variablast Says:

    I’d be interested in what you have to say.

    Homosexuals may be able to fix this problem by removing gender from the issue, ironically.

  5. tattooskin72 Says:

    My brother pays child support for at least 3 children that are his and I believe he is also paying child support for 1 other that isn’t his. The ex wife is pretty decent about everything, while the exgirlfriend… well, she’s living with some older man that has knocked her up 3 more times. The woman doesn’t work and lives off welfare, getting food stamps, WIC and every other bit of assistance she can, while my brother barely has $200 to live on a month for groceries, gas and extras

  6. tattooskin72 Says:

    Luckily my mom, dad and grandparents are able to help him out with his bills that he’s often late on. This is a huge problem because he has the children quite often and he could get reduced child support, but he doesn’t do that. MOstly because of the shit storm that would be raised.

  7. variablast Says:

    What was he like growing up?

  8. tecnoblix Says:

    Man! You are just going down the list of ant hills to poke sticks at, aren’t you. Nice.

  9. bonnyjolie7 Says:

    it’s really an income issue: when the wife makes substantially more money than the husband, (and this is in a non-celebrity or wealth involved situation), she can owe child support and spousal support.

    I personally know a situation where the wife won’t leave b/c of this, after supporting her bum husband (a complete asshole) for years

  10. variablast Says:

    Frankly, it isn’t something in which any discrimination is clear, as in the draft or the Islamic world.

    So, the topic is much harder to address. I was hoping to get some simplicity out of it through other people’s comments, but I haven’t yet. An awful mess.

  11. thatgaybloke Says:

    Suggesting that you think your father would have kicked himself for not wearing a condom is a pretty bleak view of life and probably does him an injustice. Wishing that your child had never been born is rarely something that a parent would wish.

  12. thatgaybloke Says:

    I’m surprised that the judge would say that the custody arrangements were about the parents. I think that’s awful. The welfare and the happiness of a child has to come before the rights and happiness of the parent – always. The child is the innocent party in this – he/she never asked to be born. That decision was made for them and their parents are duty bound to put the child first always. No exceptions.

  13. variablast Says:

    It probably is a bad video. It is hard to be accurate about these matters because I grew through them. I do not know the costs of the settlements or the precise words of the judge, nor do I think they are salvageable (the documents are old and the case is settled).

    So, maybe the video is ill advised. Thanks for the comments. I love my dad and mom.

  14. thatgaybloke Says:

    How does this contract settle anything? It means that someone other than the impregnating male ends stuck with the bill (often the tax payer). The father has no obligations financial or otherwise? Bollocks. A child has the right to know its parents.
    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, this boils down to responsibility for your actions.

  15. thatgaybloke Says:

    Use birth control/don’t, have sex/don’t. If the consequences of that sexual encounter is a child or STD be responsible enough to deal with it, or if you can’t then don’t have sex in the first place.

  16. thatgaybloke Says:

    I have to say that, whilst I’m totally in favour of child support (in that the non-custodial parent should make some financial contribution to the costs of raising a child) and division of marital property, I’m not completely sold on the idea of alimony.

  17. thatgaybloke Says:

    And I have no doubt you would love any child of yours. The payment of child support is actually the least of worries. Fathers being denied access to their children is much, much worse. In cases where there has been violence then I can see the merit, but there are many men in the UK who are denied access to their children by their former wife/partner.

  18. thatgaybloke Says:

    The courts do seem to be biased in favour of the “mother” when heterosexual parents battle for child custody. In absence of any real benefit as to why staying with the mother is “better”, I can only assume a cultural bias.

  19. gunsandbullhorns Says:

    A child does NOT have the right to know its parents.

    How does this contract settle anything? It establishes a legal argeement between consenting adults so that the gov’t can’t intervene and arbitrate in absence of contract.

    Government has no business engineering the family.

  20. thatgaybloke Says:

    I assert that a child has the right to know its biological parents should it choose. The child is the innocent party in all of this. It has a right to have answers to basic questions that most of us take for granted.
    The contract settles nothing. Two people who have a child are equally responsible for the bringing that child into the world.

  21. thatgaybloke Says:

    You say the government has no business engineering the family. True. But this isn’t about engineering a family – it’s making sure that people step up to the plate and fulfil their commitments. Deadbeat fathers harm their children by way of deprivation and harm society by way of the additional burden unsupported children place on welfare systems.
    You have a child, it’s your responsibility to make sure that child is cared for.

  22. thatgaybloke Says:

    I have an awful feeling I’m going to have the same discussion over this as with the anti-porn brigade who say that women who choose to perform in a porn film can feel degraded and victimised.
    Be a responsible human being – think about the consequences of what you’re doing BEFORE you do it. Don’t try and slither out of it afterwards by blaming everyone else or throwing your toys out of the pram just because things didn’t turn out as you’d expected and wanted.

  23. tattooskin72 Says:

    My brother has always put on a smart ass sort of facade. You’d probably like him. hehe

    He’s actually quite sensitive though. One of the reasons he doesn’t fight this more is because he doesn’t want to alienate the girls from their mothers. It’s admirable in a way, but also allowing them to take far too much advantage of him.

  24. unassumption Says:

    Most so called masculinists seem to really be patriarchs 🙁 In fact your one of the very few real MRA on youtube :I

    I’m a rare son of non divorced parants

    odd – you don’t have all the answers!

  25. variablast Says:

    It’s the one thing I guarantee coming in to things. 😛