Divorce is only a Step Away if You’re in a Sexless Marriage

Back in the beginning of your relationship, you and your spouse could hardly wait to get alone in your bedroom, could you? If there are no longer any sparks between you two, you may fall into a sexless marriage at some point By the term sexless marriage, it means that you and your mate won’t physically be together more than ten or 12 times a year. Unfortunately, more than 10% of marriages end up becoming sexless marriages before they reach their end. Ending up in a sexless marriage is nothing that anyone wants and we certainly wouldn’t envision ourselves ending up in one, but you don’t have to do if you do a few things.

There is a reason why you and your partner no longer are intimate on a regular basis, so you will need to find out what it is. Couples that argue frequently will rarely be in the mood to have sex. Maybe a lack of communication is the problem in your relationship. If you have a busy work schedule and hectic life at home, then sex may be one of the last things on your mind at the end of the day when you’re worn out and just want to relax and unwind. Whatever the problems that are causing you two to engage in sex very infrequently, you need to find them and work them out.

Which partner is it that no longer has an interest in sexual relations? Unless you’re able to be intimate with each other, then you won’t be able to have a successful marriage. Men and women are interested in sex for different reasons. Thanks to the fact that mean are incredibly visual creatures, they get excited easily at certain sights. In order for women to want to have sex, they need to feel happy with their partner and feel connected to him on an emotional level. If men are truly interested in making the marriage work, they will realize this fact about women. A man who yells at his wife and then thinks that having sex will make things right again doesn’t understand the way women operate very well.

You can trace all of your sexual problems back to the time when you were both madly in love and totally into each other. As the years go by, we get complacent and start to lose sight of what’s really important in our lives, our marriages. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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