Divorce Forms In South Africa, What Are The Best Options?

According to statistics, one in two marriages in South African end in divorce. During 2007 there were close to 30 000 divorces in South Africa, which is a tragic reality. When you find yourself in a contested divorce (where you and your spouse can’t agree on matters such as finances, custody, division of your assets etc) the best option would be to seek the services of an attorney. When the divorce is uncontested, i.e. where you do agree with your spouse on the disputes mentioned above, you basically have two choices:

Go and see an attorney – This can be costly as some attorneys charge fees of up to R 10 000 for an uncontested divorce. A typical divorce can be quite bitter as every element of the agreement is disputed by both parties, so legal costs can easily spiral out of control. Some attorneys’ bills can run into tens of thousands of Rands.
eDivorce, South Africa’s No. 1 Divorce Forms service offers an excellent way of minimising legal fees as well as the emotional stress attached to divorce. The process is simplified and takes the sting out of the divorce process. Provided, however that both parties are in basic agreement over the financial settlement, custody issues and that it is an uncontested divorce.

The eDivorce service makes South Africa’s divorce system more accessible and more affordable to the general public by affording the option to start the divorce process online. With people struggling to make ends meet during the credit crunch we face, eDivorce is a definite alternative for couples seeking an uncontested divorce in South Africa. Divorce is a process that few people undertake without serious consideration of its consequences. In offering such a service, eDivorce notes on its website that the goal is not to sanction or promote divorce but to provide a simple online service for making the divorce process less expensive and stressful. There is a clearly an upswing in European countries as well as in the US in the number of online Divorces. In the United Kingdom online Divorces have increased by well over 55% in the past year and more and more people are taking DIY divorce route to save money.

In addition eDivorce also offers valuable information on other aspects of divorce, such as its physiological effects, information on counselling, custody, maintenance and domestic violence disputes, these are all freely available on the web page and really valuable information to have and by far the most comprehensive divorce resource for anything you need to know about Divorce and its consequences. Users are also able to read and purchase books on divorce on the site and follow a blog on divorce issues, rebuilding your life, relationship tips and ways to cope with the emotional stresses caused by divorce.

Bertus Preller is a director and co-founder of Divorce Attorney (DA). He was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court in 1989. Prior to co-founding DA, Bertus was Managing Director and co-founder of Van Wyk & Preller Attorneys in Bloemfontein, a director of Honey & Partners Attorneys in Cape Town and founder of technology companies SmartSurv Wireless, DigiWords, CellBook, eSplash and eLaw initiatives such as eDivorce, eWills and eTrust. Bertus was also a past Part Time Commissioner at the CCMA an Arbitrator and Mediator at various Bargaining Councils, an Appeals Authority for the South African Police Services and he acted in a number of high profile matters in all Courts in South Africa. Bertus also negotiated the contracts of rugby players on behalf of the SARFU Rugby unions and more recently advised a number of South African Book Publishers on the Google Book Settlement. Bertus matriculated at Grey College in Bloemfontein and graduated from the University of the Orange Free State in 1988 (cum laude – Criminal Procedure) he articled at Symington & De Kok Attorneys in Bloemfontein. Bertus has been recognized in the Publishing Industry as an expert on digital rights and technology law issues and specializes in Family Law issues.
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