Divorce Court – She likes to fight !

Divorce Court 9/6/2010

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25 Responses to “Divorce Court – She likes to fight !”

  1. tambourine4lyfe09 Says:

    when she did that..i almost took off running!!

  2. cloudld Says:

    These people exist…i will never understand black culture.

  3. cloudld Says:

    i can’t believe that crazy bitch keeps singing…shut the fuck up!

  4. leodakid2 Says:


    Me either and I am black

  5. Glsmove Says:

    @tambourine4lyfe09 ..lolololololol She’s Crazy!

  6. jcarey91 Says:

    @chiquita16 and we see her character is not far from her live personality

  7. orin25 Says:

    @cloudld dis is not the black culture so u dont need to understand shit…
    thats like me watchin jerry springer, seein hill billies who sleep wit there siblings & saying shit about not understanding the white culture. Jus like hikes and hill billies dont represent white folkes these attention seek asses dont represent blk folks.
    This is the problem wit the media ppl only c & watch shit that shows the negetive side to things. How about picking up a book & reading about blk ppl?Or get sum blk frd

  8. orin25 Says:

    @leodakid2 YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT.

  9. brandonelliot Says:

    @godsheart1 HES ALREADY DONE THAT…. MORE THAN ONCE lol she is an actress and she’s been in SEVERAL of his plays to date… Good enough reason for ppl who know her to easily recognize the fact that this entire case was scripted

  10. MsDiDanca Says:

    Mrs. Hicks is from Tyler Perry’s play “Whats Done in the Dark” OMG COOL!

  11. TheKingRoyalty Says:

    @MsDiDanca yea she play in Madeas Family Reuion (The Play) too.. lol and 10:11 is hillarious… oooh yea yea.. her humming is funny as hell

  12. sluget3 Says:

    The woman in the blue is just as crazy as shit in a play or no play she crazy for real and ends up by her self.the woman in the red is ugly as hell so this guy loss all the way around.

  13. 912shawtii Says:

    @MsDiDanca LOL I thought i knew who she was

  14. DiSinger021 Says:

    That was some hella comic relief D’Atra. Glad justice was prevailed.
    Still love your voice girrrrl. Move on to greater positive things in your life and
    keep on singin my sista!…..Remember you above the drama……Peace & Blessings.

  15. PootahBear08 Says:

    that was the best television I have EVER seen!

  16. charlestodd3 Says:

    Maybe we should laugh at women being abused by men. Would that be funny????? Amazing how it`s funny now when the shoe is on the other foot. 🙁 Judge Toler called it. I love her!

  17. amir7worldwide Says:

    i got my Rinnnnnnngggggg yeaaaaahh lol Jesus Be A Fence All Around Me! lol That Was So Funny!

  18. Wanda244142 Says:

    It don’t get any better than that!!!! :))))))

  19. Bfanatic20 Says:

    why am i just realizing that this show is all staged….? a little disappointed yet enjoyable lmao
    (humming mmmmmhmmmmmhmmm)

  20. donza757 Says:

    Loved every minute!! Girlfriend kept it together. Therapy worked!!!

  21. MrHtown84 Says:

    She was on Tyler Perry stage play.I remember this lady.the crazy nurse aid.

  22. neshacrese Says:


  23. neshacrese Says:



    I sooo love this video! STILL laughing at this very moment…..Too funny indeed 🙂

  25. arahsrat Says:

    She needs to lay off the blush…she’s a pretty lady but with so much blush on, she looks like a drag queen. LMAO @ humming to control anger…that is HILARIOUS!! But I’m glad she’s seeking help to control her anger…being physically abusive is never cool. And I would REFUSE to wear a ring knowing that it belonged to my man’s ex.