Divorce Court:: Former Rapper Wants His Gold Album Back

She says she after his money ran out, so did her love for him.

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25 Responses to “Divorce Court:: Former Rapper Wants His Gold Album Back”

  1. mereje Says:

    I heard that this was fake and that they were acting

  2. Veraclarke1 Says:

    I hope didn’t give the record back and got dragged to jail kicking and screaming.

  3. tyffy Says:

    I feel so bad for him. He looks like a nice guy.

  4. nexsonBlaze Says:

    remember can’t turn a hoe 2 a housewife 🙂

  5. QueenLady1 Says:

    I feel sorry for the man too because he still wants that devil. His self image and esteem is below the ground. There are plenty of decent women who would love to have him. He has to believe it though.

  6. tamyprincipessa Says:

    I really want to hug the guy, if he was acting, he did a great job.

  7. santa6688 Says:

    Judge Toler absolutely destroyed that selfish bitch in the end. She definitely took her down a peg or two, she was in tears. That’s what the dumb broad deserved.

  8. DatbeRight Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for the guy. He was dumb enough to marry her. He isn’t young and should have known better. Her abhorrent personality is obvious, How did he miss it? I guess this is another “strong black woman.”

  9. 101luvinlyfe Says:

    this bitch is bad built ugly and ignorant…..

  10. paydog23 Says:

    Wow, this woman killed herself with her own testimony ha ha. It must feel good to be the dude, knowing that your ex wife is admitting her ever fault without even knowing it. You go man! I hope you marry a better wife! LOL, her last name was Costict but was pronounced like caustic. Because she is a caustic woman! ha ha

  11. WWAHP Says:

    what was the name of the hit song he had?

  12. Auto0725 Says:

    I so wanna just smack her so bad… Or ask someone to smack her for me, since I don’t hit girls.

  13. lilnarteh1 Says:

    BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. CavenEdwards Says:

    She ain’t worth a dime he ever spent on here. If you gone trick ya papper off, at least do it with a fine ass chick. Not with a mud duck like this. Fine you something worthy of trick activity. I would never trick but if you gone trick be a good trick.

  15. lilnarteh1 Says:

    iam sorry yall. anytime i see this bitch i just wanna jump through the laptop and snap her neck in two.

  16. lockheartx Says:

    I wish it was Judge Judy sitting up there. That bitch would’ve be owned in 100 different ways.

  17. assmuncher1984 Says:

    Searched this awhile ago and found he helped with this song and or CD. Youtube:
    B-Roc & The Biz: Thats Just My Baby’s Daddy
    It was a 90s catchy song that got heavy airplay.

  18. teddy210442000 Says:


  19. oaklandCA1000 Says:

    get the fuck out bitch!!!

  20. alexanderm425 Says:

    truth be told at 7:36

  21. phoenixbrew Says:

    She’s not attractive at all. She’s ugly.

  22. seanyj04 Says:

    she must some good dick, cuz he wants her back bad.

  23. frank233345 Says:

    What was she doing before she met dude ??!!- simple : GOLD DIGGIN.

    And i’m sure she pissed off and broken alot of hearts.

  24. MissDalberg Says:

    whats up with black ppl saying aks instead of ask??

  25. EJFUNNY100 Says:

    she said motel then she said hotel