Divorce Affects Children As Well As The Parents

Divorce Affects Children As Well As The Parents

It used to be that people, once married, would stay together for many years. However, these days, people are far more likely to be married more than once. Whatever the reason for this phenomenon is, it is a fact that they will always need the services of a Georgia divorce lawyer when they have to separate their assets and even children from the marital home. A Georgia divorce attorney will represent only one person so the opposing side will need their own expert too.

It is natural for any couple, when they are splitting from each other, to harbor some resentment with each other. When this happens, they are often too emotionally involved to be reasonable. The splitting of the assets will be a huge problem too if one is feeling more aggrieved than the other. It is often that the husband will feel that he did most of the work for the assets and he will not want to give over the majority of the value, particularly if it is deemed that the wife is the guilty party in the split.

The court itself will not look at the assets in this way of course. What they are interested in is an equitable sharing of everything but with the children, if there are any, in mind. This means then that if the wife is the one who will take care of the children for the majority of the time, it is she who will get the majority of the assets too.

Because of this, the husband will sometimes fight for the children just so that he can keep his hands on most of the assets. Although he may think that the children will be better off with their mother, it is clear that he will not want to give up ‘his’ assets to someone who he is now holding a grudge against.

The judge in the court looks at all these angles coldly of course and will not be influenced by either party. All he sees is the children, their interests and the way that all the assets should be split. If he thinks that either party is able to take care of the children, he will usually award joint custody. But if they show that they are too deep into disagreement, he will only give visiting rights to one while the other will get sole custody.

Many people would be well advised to try arbitration before resorting to the courts to decide on their fate. If they could just agree on certain things before they get into court then the whole deal will go down much easier. The children will not feel torn between the two people who love them most and they will not feel that sense of disloyalty when one is bad mouthing the other.

Finally, it is usually the children who are the victims in this kind of case. A broken home is not the best start in life and they often end up feeling insecure or needy for the rest of their lives.

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