do you agree on divorce? why or why not?

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13 Responses to “divorcE……?”

  1. Jayme K Says:

    I agree with divorce. We are just people after all and we do change as we grow older. Sometimes that change in us and the changes in life with the people we are committed too just don’t work out. It is a part of life. If we knew the path our life was going to take, we would have reached our destination some time ago, but we don’t. We live for the now, plan for best and have faith in what we believe. The choices we make are the ones that drive our feelings, at times those choices become what we feel are mistakes. We live, we learn and life goes on. When we are broken from love, we find it in ourselves to move forward, while at times when moving forward – we leave behind our lovers. Why?

    It is just the way life roles some……

  2. leaptad Says:

    How is it for me to agree or disagree? I’m not sure what you see as the alternative. Should people who don’t love each other be forced to be married forever? What if one spouse is abusing the other one? Do we just say, "Tough cookies, you can’t divorce him"?

  3. as i Says:

    it is between two persons issue. we can not say
    yes at the same time we can not say. only
    they can decide pro and cons.

  4. T T Says:

    It all depends on the situation. I’m not for divorce but sometimes there’s no other way around the situation. Maybe that’s why I haven’t married….LOL

  5. Ray2play Says:

    It is better than murder.

  6. #1 2pac fan Says:

    yes. some people just can not seem to live together

  7. wonderingaround Says:

    Divorce is a complicated thing! If their is children involved it’s even more difficult. I agree with Divorce if their is any kind of abuse going on in the relationship.If you are more miserable being together than being apart then I feel it’s time to move on with your life.

  8. murrayc Says:

    some marriages are toxic and need to be terminated

  9. right Says:

    sometimes it is the only option left, even though we know it is not always the best. I don’t support it except for marital infedility.

  10. marilynfsmgm Says:

    if you have been betrayed,been abused,or controlled,or have a drud addicted including alcohol spouse then yes a divorce is ok.life is to short to be in that kind of relationship.marriage is a union of togetherness to be eachothers best friend,to support eachother in your choices ,to want to make the other person happy and to love all the things about them.to be happy when you see eachother in the morning ang to hold eachother at night.

  11. Single-mom Says:

    I agree on divorce when both spouses have reached a point where there is nothing else they can do to make their marriage work. It is not up to anyone outside of the marriage to tell you or your spouse whether or not to divorce.

  12. gudiya Says:

    No i don’t agree with divorce because
    – first we search our life partner on our wish & on his one
    mistake we want to break all our relationship with him/her.
    -there is one saying-"we do lot’s of mistake but we still love our selfs. but on one mistake of some one else we hate him/her for lifetime. that’s not fair"

  13. TEA Says:

    It depends on the situation. I have no objection to divorce in general, but it would take a very serious issue for me to consider it for myself.