Did DA Wes Lane Ruin a Possible Criminal Adoption Case?

KFOR News Ch4 | OKC, OK USA | Investigative story regarding alleged illegal adoptions by a local law firm. Okla. Co. District Attorney Wes Lane actually gave the search warrant to the defense attorney prior to the search. This allowed those accused to allegedly hide and change records. The result is that DA Wes Lane could never charge them with a crime. This is a perfect example why DA Wes Lane needs to lose his job! See www.voteoutweslane.com for more info!

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4 Responses to “Did DA Wes Lane Ruin a Possible Criminal Adoption Case?”

  1. queenofmean0648 Says:

    This appears to be a pattern of behavior that Lane exhibits. If you speak out against him he will go after you. That is not the kind of man I want in office.

  2. silentfades Says:

    ny here did he (lane) get re elected ?

  3. videovigilanteokc Says:

    No – he was defeated by David Prater!

  4. FR0Z5N7UY Says:

    Let me speak out against Wesley C. Lane II. Wes is nothing more than a low life stalker.