Debbie Talks Divorce

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25 Responses to “Debbie Talks Divorce”

  1. baycoralore Says:

    thank you, stay sincere

  2. claudiaforcutie Says:

    lorraine – i so agree with you about clubs and grinding!

  3. linute19 Says:

    I would def subscribe to this channel now but I can’t do it on my I pnone or at least I don’t know how to. So I’ll do it tomorrow. Everything that Debbie said was true and the thing that she said about Lorraines channels on YouTube, I definately think that current boobies is much better so is daily Debbie. Keep up the good work Lorraine! I will hoppefully be ordering some jewelery soon but need to save up some money first xxx

  4. LaughingTabi Says:

    Great advice! Loving this channel. 🙂

  5. DivineDesigns7 Says:

    In Pittsburgh we call a lot of members only bars “clubs”

  6. SweetSunnyDaysx3 Says:

    “im sure theres a few losers in there” ahhahahahhaha

  7. NoraDlist Says:

    I’m liking the “aggresive debbie”!

  8. swiftanddrift Says:

    Love u Debbie AMAZING ADVICE 😀 😀

  9. amcrtist Says:

    How do you really learn to trust someone once they have broken your trust???
    I am 20 years old and have been married for a year and a half… my husband has lied to me about his past relationships but swears that he has told me the complete truth. For the most part our relationship is perfect but I cant help sometimes when I feel insecure about when hes telling me the truth or not.
    I want to have trust but dont know how to give trust to someone when they have broken ur trust…..

  10. amcrtist Says:

    By the way are awesome!!!

  11. CKMoon04 Says:

    I agree with Debbie on the age thing. I will be getting married next year when I’m 26. It’s true-I finally know who I am 100%. You need to know yourself before you can commit yourself to anyone for the long haul.

  12. kash734 Says:

    Wow that woman in the picture really does look like Lorena vampire from true blood–holy crap!

  13. Janiemm Says:

    the hospital cafeteria is a good one! never thought of it. too bad im married, but you should go catch a doctor, Lorraine!

  14. Ally616 Says:

    i love love love your advice, i don’t know what your talking about, when you say you don’t give the best advice, i feel like you great advice that actually relates to life. I really appreciate this channel, keep it coming 😀

  15. CatherineSolo Says:

    Debbie’s advice is AWESOME! Wait to get married baby!

  16. NaoiseLove Says:

    great video debbie!

  17. michelleHILAR Says:

    i met my boyfriend at my old job at a hospital. good call lol

  18. foxycleox Says:

    my 2nd husband isnt having an affair with a woman but with his business, its came 1st in the last 3 years and we dont sleep together anymore what would your opinion on wether i should divorce him or not ive tried everything, he’s not violent or anything, but my 1st husband was violent. i just turned 40 im overweight i think i wouldnt get anyone else n dont really want to go on the dating scene again as i dont drink etc.

  19. vancouvergurl07 Says:

    wow debbie! good advice!

  20. beaniesmalls1 Says:

    debbie-my brother lies just to be lying. so weird. i mean why?

  21. beaniesmalls1 Says:

    debbie! you are so smart! i totally agree with you about the aggressive girl/shy guy.

  22. ThatGirlShaeXo Says:

    i want a daily debbie t -shirt haha. i love her. team debbie!

  23. ohsewdizzy Says:

    @foxycleox oh i am so sorry! but i will tell you, i enjoy being single! i am 50 and getting a divorce, and i just am enjoying what i am doing!

  24. ohsewdizzy Says:

    hey deb you rock! i love your philisophy, and your parenting advice! let do lunch! lol (i’m in mi no where near fla! ) lol

  25. alexasite Says:

    you have a beautiful family loraine.. i love debbie.. makes me miss my mom..