Crist Unable To Defend Gay Adoption Positions To Post Ed. Board

During an interview with the Palm Beach Post editorial board, Charlie Crist was unable to respond to flip flop accusations on the issue of gay adoption. For a full six seconds, Crist is unable to respond to the fact that in February, he told the Post that only families with a mother and a father should adopt.

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4 Responses to “Crist Unable To Defend Gay Adoption Positions To Post Ed. Board”

  1. HenhousetheRed Says:

    You can literally see the cogs turning for six whole seconds. Here’s what’s going through his mind: “Shit. If I support gay adoptions, I won’t get the Christian or old people money. But if I support the gay adoption ban, I won’t get the gay or progressive money. SHIT I WANT MONEY.”

  2. SeparateisntEqual Says:

    yep, still a douchebag.

  3. auntiesanity Says:

    Filthy politicians. ‘I respect the law” That’s what Nazi judges said about their criminal rulings. “We were just respecting the law.” They still got executed. Conscience is above all laws.

  4. ythnkupollyprsypnts Says:

    Caught red handed, you ssssnake. Once a bigoted hate enabler, always a bigoted hate enabler. Drop dead, Chuck.