Court affirms overturning Fla. gay adoption ban

A Miami appeals court has upheld a ruling overturning Florida’s law banning adoption by gays. The 3rd District Court of Appeal issued its decision Wednesday, affirming a lower court’s decision that the ban is unconstitutional.

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4 Responses to “Court affirms overturning Fla. gay adoption ban”

  1. CJCA915 Says:

    I welcome Florida to the 21st century, sorta… I don’t believe gay marriage is allowed yet, hence why I say sorta, in my welcoming.

    I also, just discovered, that the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon grants same-sex marriage, that’s sad, an Indian Tribe grants same-sex marriage, before it’s own state, and most of the US.

  2. CJCA915 Says:

    @WNights comment, so was I, your point?

    Two same-sex parents, are better than none, and what about single parents, unless, a single mommy can double as a daddy, your opinion is moot.

  3. CJCA915 Says:

    @CJCA915 Or unless a single daddy, can double as a mommy, it works both ways, forgot to state that.

  4. Clemburke1111 Says:

    Suck it Florida,,, we win again! LOL