Coping With Contested Divorce Processes

There are few individuals that would dispute the reality that it is quite difficult and emotionally charged to arrive at the conclusion that you don’t have the ability to settle the problems you have in your relationship. Nevertheless, our Family Solicitors office recognises that the difficulty around the situation are often made considerably worse when your husband or wife chooses to challenge the divorce.

The Process of Divorce
Getting divorced isn’t easy for anyone. There is a significant emotional toll that will have to be paid by everyone involved. Each individual will also have to take care of the cost of the process as well as the length of time it is going to take to conclude matters.

The divorce process generally begins with one legal representative drafting and sending a formal letter to the other partner advising them of the plan to file for a divorce. A petition is then submitted to the court. In this and also the various other documents submitted to the court, will be the petitioner’s suggestions for the way they wish to take care of the matters of custody of the children and the couple’s finances.

After the wife or husband receives the petition for divorce, they have got to decide whether the terms and conditions that have been outlined are satisfactory or not. The form that they submit in response would depend on whether they are in agreement with the terms and conditions. Should they submit an Answer form, indicating that they don’t agree, your divorce process is going to be contested divorce. That typically means it can be more difficult and cost a lot more to resolve.

Why do Partners Contest Divorce?
A lot of people imagine that a divorce process can only be contested when one of the partners doesn’t actually want to get divorced. But, there’s several different reasons that could cause a wife or husband to decide to contest the divorce process.

If one of the partners makes the decision to contest the divorce process, that doesn’t mean they want to remain married. It simply suggests that they don’t want to simply accept the terms and conditions that have been laid out in the original divorce document that was submitted to the court. Custody challenges and alimony are the matters that are usually the reason for the divorce process to be contested. Various other matters include the best way to split up the couple’s possessions.

Very often individuals make an effort to get through their divorce process on their own, without using a Family Solicitor. However, if your divorce is contested, it is much more difficult to achieve this. It’s now turned into a much more challenging legal process and you will have to have a professional on your side who’s going to be mindful of how the legal process works.

A Contested Divorce Is Much More Complicated
In many cases, a “simple” divorce process where everyone agrees on the terms and conditions could very well be concluded in a year of the date it was initially filed. However a contested divorce process is going to take considerably longer to complete.

It may not seem like it, but divorce is in fact a legal process. Uncomplicated divorces are usually quite straightforward to manage, but when it is contested, there will be a great deal more legal details that are going to need to be dealt with.

A contested divorce also means that you’re going to have to gathered much more information for the court. Amongst that information could be forms outlining the reasons why you want a divorce, or the reason you’re contesting it. Personal financial details and information is something that’s generally asked for plus you might also be asked to give the court documents relating to the conduct of your wife or husband and the reasons why it’s relevant to the divorce.

If you’ve not appointed a lawyer yet and your divorce process becomes contested, you really don’t have much choice. It is essential that you use a legal professional to guarantee every detail is handled in the correct way.

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