Conveyancing Solicitors London – When Does Healthy Competition Become Unhealthy?

Conveyancing Solicitors London are facing one of their hardest struggles in many years due to the current economy and slump in the property market.

This is not helped by the introduction of online conveyancing.

Online conveyancing is a relatively new concept. It involves conveyancing solicitors across England and Wales who are able to act on behalf of ANY buyer or seller regardless of their location.

Online conveyancing usually involves a person instructing a particular conveyancing firm virtually, without stepping foot into the office if their chosen firm.

There are of course advantages of online conveyancing. The main one is that it opens up the public’s choice of who to instruct in their conveyancing matter. Online conveyancing allows the public to have access to many solicitors firms regardless of locality.

Online conveyancing allows people to focus not on where the conveyancing solicitor is based but instead of other factors that are important to them. This may be experience, recommendation, approachability or even time scales. However, for many people at the moment one of the most important factors, which is paramount is price!

Many people are searching the high street and more so the intense looking for cheap conveyancing solicitors. As you are probably aware buying or Selling house can be very expensive and as such it is no surprise that people are looking to save money where they can. It is also a given that solicited fees can be expensive. 5 years ago conveyancing legal fees often cost in excess of £500 WITHOUT taking into account disbursements!

However, online conveyancing had not only made the process if searching for conveyancing solicitors easier it has also thrown in kits of competition and in turn driven down the legal fees.


Before online conveyancing became popular, many people would look to their local town or high street for a quote and they weren’t exactly spoilt for choice. This meant that solicitors firms in general had little competition as it was restricted to local solicitors. Online conveyancing means this is no longer the case.

The more popular online conveyancing becomes the more competition firms are faced with. They have to complete with hundreds of firms up and down the country. Which can take it’s toll. For example, fees for conveyancing solicitors London are famously higher than other parts of the UK, whereas further north, say Liverpool, everything is cheaper including the price of living and this passes onto conveyancing fees.

Online conveyancing means that conveyancing solicitors London and conveyancing solicitors Liverpool are now in competition for conveyancing instructions in a fragile Market where such instructions are still increasing hard to get.

As the saying goes ‘competition Is healthy’ and I thoroughly support that as it means that clients can benefit from cheaper conveyancing fees. However, online conveyancing is opening the flood gates to conveyancing call centres and quote generations sites all aimed at finding you the best quote. But what bout the firms themselves, the recession is affecting everyone and with the property market still suffering, firms are too.

The competition created by online conveyancing is mostly affecting those smaller high street firms who are struggling and even closing down altogether.

Many smaller firms offer a much more personal service and by opting for online conveyancing we are missing out on this. If people continue to instruct Solicitors online then we may soon find ourselves with limited access to actual offices and it would be difficult to come back from this.

If you require a conveyancing solicitor cost should not be top of your list of priorities and you should consider the level of service you will receive.

Think long and hard about whether you want to communicate virtually with a solicitor you have never met over saving a few pennies. After all, buying a property is a huge investment- doesn’t it deserve some thought?

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