Contested divorce: Reduce the ugliness of divorce by availing the services of a divorce solicitor

Divorce is an abrupt end of a beautiful relationship called marriage. And, things get all the more messy and dirty when couples go for contested divorce.

A Contested Divorce is one where both the parties contest for divorce in a court of law. It is like a war between the divorcing couple. Both of them fight on issues related to division of their property, paying off unpaid debts, over their children, demanding child support, right to visit the child, and several such personal and financial matters.

Generally, in contested divorce, both the parties have to bear lot of humiliation and mental trauma. Negotiations, allegations, and counter accusations ultimately cause bitter and permanent hatred towards each other. Besides the divorcing couple, their families and children also suffer a lot during contested divorce.

However, if you do not wish to get involved in all this, go for Uncontested Divorce. An uncontested divorce is one where you and your partner can settle your marital disputes in a peaceful manner. In uncontested divorce, issues related to division of assets, deciding upon child custody, and other such matters are settled through mutual consent.

Both the parties agree to the terms and conditions of divorce and settle things without indulging in any sort of dirty blame game. Uncontested divorce gives quick divorce and is simple too. You are neither required to visit the court, nor pay huge litigation fees to divorce lawyers.

Whether you go for uncontested divorce or contested divorce, it is advisable to seek the advice of divorce solicitors. The divorce solicitors would help you with several legal formalities that are part of divorce proceedings. With their expertise, they would try to get you divorced as fast as possible.

Although there are several divorce legal firms offering their services in the UK, one that deserves special mention is Full Service Divorce. This is a reputed firm of divorce solicitors with vast experience and expertise in divorce consultancy services for contested divorce, uncontested divorce, Clean Break Agreement, and other related divorce services.

The divorce solicitors at Full Service Divorce can help resolve all issues related to marital disputes in a quick and hassle free manner. They would handle the divorce proceedings from the beginning till the very end.

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