Choosing the Right Personal Injury Solicitor

Being injured in a road accident, work accident or whilst out in public can have huge consequences to your life both personally and financially. If you have been involved in such an accident and it was due to the fault of another party then you can claim compensation through an accident claim. It is there for vital that you seek the help of a specialist personal injury solicitor. But how do you know with solicitor to go with?

There are literally thousands of personal injury solicitors in the UK alone. Each would be more than happy to take you on as a client, but what is vital is securing a relationship that benefits you as the victim. Differentiating between what makes a good or bad personal injury solicitor can be difficult, but this article hopes to help, so that you do not end up making and rash decisions.

Whether you have been injured due to a road accident or a work accident, a trip on the street or a fall from a ladder, there are specialist solicitors that have strengths and higher success for these various types of accident claim. The initial key factor that you should start with is identifying a personal injury solicitor that specialises in the type of claim that you are hoping to make. For example, if you have been injured in a car accident, seek the help of a specialist road accident claim solicitor.


Next there are certain aspects of a solicitor’s services and practices that should be investigated. This will help whittle down your search, leaving only a crop of good injury solicitors.

Three important factors to look at are:

100% Compensation: A good solicitor will ensure that you receive 100% of your compensation claim. This means no deductions, and a guarantee signed by both you and the solicitor.

No Fees: You should ensure that there are no hidden costs to pay. In particular no solicitor fee’s, regardless if you win or lose your accident claim. If you are successful and win your claim then the other party should cover the cost of your solicitor. If you lose then there should be insurance in place to help cover the cost of losses incurred by the solicitors.

Service Standards: Finally, you should check that there is a good practice of standards in place. Ask about all policies, such as case updates and reports, support and advice, customer call backs. A good solicitor will be efficient and precise in the way that it operates.

You may find that some solicitors even offer additional services, such as vehicle repair and hire, should you be making a road accident claim, or early medical intervention, including physiotherapy or osteopathic therapy.

There are many aspects that should be considered when choosing the right personal injury solicitor to handle your accident claim. In the end it’s about choosing a firm that will best represent you, gain the results and reward you with the full compensation you are entitled to. There are many companies online that will help and advice you along the way, but by simply doing some initial research you can easily find out for yourself which solicitors have a solid history of success and which ones don’t.
Debbie Fuller is a personal injury solicitor, specialising in road work accidents, work accident claims and personal injury accident claims. In her spare time she enjoys writing articles online in order to share her knowledge and experiences.
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