Choosing A Solicitor

Choosing a solicitor is a very important decision. There are many things to take into consideration and they all need to be thought about carefully. Solicitors can be expensive so you have to make sure you get your decision right.

The qualifications of your solicitor is very important. Legal standards are there for a reason and the person who represents you must be qualified to do the job. Checking solicitors’ qualifications should tell you that they are ethical and are not going to overcharge you, or charge you for work that hasn’t been done. They could be representing you in court so you need to check they are qualified to do that.

Many prefer to hire solicitors who specialise in the area of law required as they know the ins and outs of that particular niche. It doesn’t make sense to use a business law firm if you are getting divorced or a Criminal Law Solicitor when drafting a will. Some law firms cover a range of legal services, but most prefer specialists as they are more likely to know everything in their sector. Many firms cover a number of areas but still have specialists within various niches. These solicitors are just as qualified to deal with a case within their niche as anyone else as they only work within that area.


You may want to consider the experience of the solicitors who are thinking of hiring. The might want to ask the following questions: –

How long have they been in law?

How long have they worked in their niche?

How many cases have they worked on?

You may also want to know the type of cases they have worked on. If they have had success in similar cases to yours, then that is a big plus. The more experienced they are the better they may be able to deal with your case. Of course some inexperienced lawyers are also good at their jobs; this is just one factor of many to think about.

Clients usually want to hire a solicitor who works close to where they live as this makes it easier when you need to meet. If you have to travel to them then it will cost you in travel, while they will usually charge you their travel expenses to come and see you. Choosing a nearby solicitor can save you money.

Price can be important. Sometimes the notion of “what you pay for is what you get” is true, although this isn’t always the case; the most expensive lawyers are not always the best. How much you are wiling to pay may depend on the type of case in question. If you are contesting a minor speeding fine then you may opt for a cheaper solicitor, as the implications are not so serious. On the other hand, if you are facing serious criminal charges the outcome could affect your entire future. In this case you will want to make sure of the best outcome possible, and therefore might be wiling to pay more. Whatever the type of case, everyone has a budget and can’t pay more than they can afford.

It is always useful to take into consideration recommendations. The experiences of others can give you an idea of the quality of a solicitor. Personality can be important. Although you don’t want to choose someone just because you think you could be friends with them regardless of their legal credentials, you need to work with this person, so it has to be someone you can have a working relationship with.

It is also a good idea to compare a number of solicitors, and not just choose the first good one you come across. Looking at various solicitors and comparing them will all the above factors in mind should help you in choosing the best solicitors for you.

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