Children Of Divorce – Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig’s Solo Album hits stores August 18th! Pre-order: Lyrics (credit to JonnyCraigCentral) And back to these cold shitty days in Portland. Wishing I’d never come across your face. Plagued by the memories of things unspoken. Scared by thoughts of your father. Made me look over the flaws of your nature. Laying on your back became your only escape. You feel so old, used, but not yet broken. Enough to think you have it all together. I never planned to carry your burdens. Mom, this child was a mistake. I knew from the moment i stepped off that plane, we had no future. How come your dreams are always so bitter?. And who knows, maybe oneday, she will know my name. You still return to the same skylines, that leave you broken. Cheap talks with even cheaper company. Keeps the days turning into nights. You lay awake crying cause your child, carries my name while i regret ever making you apart of my life. Sadly enough, this song’s not to hurt you, just to show the world that I’m free. I knew from the moment i stepped off that plane, we had no future. How come your dreams are always so bitter?. And who knows, maybe oneday, she will know my name. She will know. She will know.

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25 Responses to “Children Of Divorce – Jonny Craig”

  1. aingaran2003 Says:

    @tommyjfsmith dude… LOLL

  2. ajth789 Says:

    i love this band loads! jonny is amazing!

    i am influenced by this style of music and have just posted a song on here. please take a listen and tell me what you think?

  3. youxknowxyouxluvxit Says:

    @ajth789 its not a band its just jonny!! stop trolling ot make people watch yoru shit vids twat!!

  4. youxknowxyouxluvxit Says:

    @alecnguyen35 isles and glaciars 🙂

  5. ajth789 Says:

    @youxknowxyouxluvxit i love you too.

  6. youxknowxyouxluvxit Says:

    @ajth789 lmao. touche.

  7. NicoCesarJoseph Says:

    Dallas Green hands down, is the greatest artist that was born on this planet.
    Johnny is cooooool. So is Anthony. But you can’t even compare them to Dallas

  8. animemefreak74 Says:

    jonny craig = greatest singah evah!

  9. kaylashootsup Says:

    @alecnguyen35 jonny, craig and vic fuentes = isles and glaciers 🙂

  10. Thomaskavanaghmusic Says:

    Hey for fans of Luke PIckett, Jonny Craig then please check out my page Thank you

  11. Smacksta Says:

    thats the best trio there can be

  12. AndyAngelZ Says:

    @alecnguyen35 they do have their own albums

  13. Deanogoesrawr Says:

    i got chillz D:

  14. chicocucuta495 Says:

    Lo mejor 🙂

  15. tenor220 Says:

    @NicoCesarJoseph To say Dallas Green is the greatest artist ever is possibly the farthest I’ve ever seen the imagination stretch.

  16. 4465376 Says:

    @tenor220 LOL you aint no better so dont talk shit nigger.

  17. laampshade Says:

    This song means so much to me, it’s kind of ridiculous..
    I swear, I cry every time I hear it.

    It’s beautiful, and he has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard.
    I love this.

  18. tenor220 Says:

    @4465376 Well you sure showed me. I’m obviously no match for your biting wit and enthralling intellect. Oooo you called me a nigger; what ever shall I do? How can I possibly survive after such a scathing insult?

    Get a life, you illiterate, inbred piece of shit. It’s 2010, not the 1950’s. All you accomplish through racial slurs is showing everyone what a piece of trash you are. Go back to school. Mentally defunct, douche wad.

  19. 4465376 Says:

    @tenor220 LOL Alright buddy, look how upset your getting LMFAO. Maybe you should get a life and try saying that phrase to someones face instead of looking like a pussy saying it over the internet. ;D Thanks.

  20. tenor220 Says:

    @4465376 I’d more than gladly say all of this to your face. I’m not at all upset by you calling me a nigger, all you did through that was show how pathetic you are. The fact that you even had the audacity to speak to me with the grammar of an autistic child is really the most irritating part. Go back to school and learn how to write, you piece of shit.

    Go into a black neighborhood and call someone a nigger to their face. See how tough you are then.

  21. ulliellax Says:

    this is really something beautiful.

  22. 4465376 Says:

    @tenor220 Lol, I do it all the time and plus your the one spazzing and name calling over a site. xD and your the piece of shit because your no better then anyone else, And yet…. you seem to think you are. ;D

  23. tenor220 Says:

    @4465376 Yeah, sure you do tough guy. Sure. I’m now going to explain to you why I, and the majority of people in the world are better than you. We live in an age where intolerance is not acceptable in any way shape or form. You are an intolerant ignorant little child. “your the one spazzing and name calling over a site”. I made general statements in which I pointed out why you are scum, that is not “spazzing”. It is just logic.

    Get an education.

  24. ulliellax Says:

    will you two just drop it?
    someone be a bigger person and just ignore the other.

  25. 4465376 Says:

    @tenor220 LOL. Well my intolerance is being accepted. And i dont think theres anything you can do about it >;D