Cheryl Cole To Divorce Husband!!! – Eastenders Mystery Solved! – RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Watch new Tues Olympic Recap! Watch me act stoned? Please rate/comment/fave! I hope you subscribe for more! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Do you think Cheryl is going to be on Dancing with the Stars! Leave a HELL YAY comment of support that she left her husband!! 2. Did you tune in to the Eastenders big episode? Were you happy with the killer? Had you predicted it? 3. Are you watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo?? Faves? 4. Real Housewives of the OC? Do you like any of them? LOL Is it boring or is it me? 5. Any Idol predictions before the top 24? 6. What shows should Buck be covering regularly??? ____ GET BUCKED! Official Website: What the Buck Show Personal Buck Videos: Additional Buck Shows: Live Shows! Sun & Thurs 10pm Eastern: Follow Buck on Twitter: Friend Buck on Facebook: Take sexy pics with Buck:

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25 Responses to “Cheryl Cole To Divorce Husband!!! – Eastenders Mystery Solved! – RuPaul’s Drag Race!”

  1. tahlia09 Says:

    you need to stop cryin 😀
    you don’t know them

  2. animalloverb15 Says:

    PS I love bunnies.

  3. AllyKat0143 Says:

    Yes I am still watching lol… <3 bunnies & I <3 drag race

  4. TimeForMuzik23 Says:

    you talk to much dude

  5. jmmoore4 Says:

    Wanna see one of the sickest dance videos to ever hit YouTube??

    Check out the FEATURED video on my page!

  6. cavankells Says:

    what an annoying cunt

  7. lusterfixationSS Says:

    of coarse im still watching PS i love bunnies

  8. CheskaCakes Says:

    Of course im still watching
    PS i love bunnies
    Love You Buck ! … Your Crazy !!
    8D xoxo

  9. MissBeautyGirl13 Says:

    u talk to much omg is ur mouth all right omg when im looking at these vid im getting bored of u

  10. azul7 Says:

    shes so pretty, like megan fox the only ugly thing they have are those tats

  11. iKlutz Says:

    of course i’m still watching
    ps I <3 bunnies!

  12. livmonster611 Says:

    of course im still watching PS I LOVE BUNNIES! (AND YOU)

  13. missrowanb2009 Says:

    Right now i want to stop watching… but im not going 2

  14. missrowanb2009 Says:

    Right now i want to stop watching… but im not going 2

  15. nogoingback50 Says:

    cheryl has the smallest hands on any adult ever lol

  16. GummiballKid Says:

    British TV is the BEST!! Im British. 😛

  17. princessaxj Says:

    1.put your hands on your chest
    2.think of someone you like
    3.tomorrow that person will ask u out or tell you they love you
    4.the catch is that you have to write this on 5 videos before it works

  18. JUSTINdbBFFLkora Says:

    1.Put your hand over your mouth
    2.Make a wish into your hand
    3.Put your hand over your heart for 5 secs
    4.Put this comment on 3 vids
    5.Then 2morro you will have the best day of your life

  19. imseksie Says:


  20. verdefull Says:

    it’s good she left that nigger :)) ihe din’t deserved here

  21. XxLi3rose123xX Says:

    It’s best to be british I’m glad I am 🙂 x I thought Jack or Becca was the killer! LOL I saw the alternative endings on the BBC Eastenders site and Jack’s was the best!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 x

  22. Wroom90 Says:

    This guy is way too intense.

  23. knightsofstjoan2004 Says:

    Is divorce necessary if wife is either lesbian or bisexual?

  24. luvulotz24 Says:

    Of course I’m still watching!!!
    PSS. MEOW~
    PSSSS. The PS’s look like a pyramid!
    PSSSSS. Adding to the pyramid!!! 😀
    PSSSSSSS. The S is squiggly~ XD
    PSSSSSSSS. I think I’ll stop now. XD

  25. gtafanboy Says:

    I did you mom